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7 Flowers that are slow to wither and we can take more advantage of their energy

Flowers that are slow to fade

Flowers bring joy and color to our home. And not only that, but they have immense powers that allow us to ward off bad energies and attract happiness, love, good luck and all kinds of positive energy to purify and refresh our lives.

But it is a pity that when we place flowers and despite the fact that we take care of them and change the water, they soon wither.

It is normal that the plants that we remove from their natural place and no longer obtain enough nutrients or minerals, wilt in a few days.

It is not advisable to have withered flowers at home because they attract negative energy, we must take into account changing them every little bit.

Dead flower bouquets are said to accumulate dark influences and block positive ones.

7 natural flowers that do NOT wither soon

There are some flowers that will take longer than others to wither after being cut, because they are more resistant to change of environment.

These flowers have immense vitality and therefore are also suitable to protect the house and ward off evils.

Next, we propose 7 powerful flowers that take time to wither, obviously we must always take into account the climate and the place where they are placed.

  • The times we mentioned will work if the plants are placed in favorable climates and locations.

1. The orchid, the flower of love

Orchid flower

Orchids are exotic flowers, which, as far as is known, tend to last longer than the rest.

Orchids can last up to three weeks in the vase, and some specimens are said to last even longer.

However, it is advisable to remove those parts that are wilting and change the water every two days, because as they say:

Flower that is not watered withers.

Orchids are the best known love flowers in the West:

  • They are used in numerous spells associated with the search for the ideal mate.
  • Some varieties of orchids are linked to the search for peace and spiritual purity.

2. Chrysanthemums, the flowers that attract happiness

Colorful chrysanthemum flowers

Chrysanthemums they can last up to a month in a vase if you take care to remove the drying parts.

These flowers are the ones that last the longest after being cut. We must also remember to change the water every day and cut the stems periodically.

The chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower that has an immense range of tones and a seductive aroma that, according to many, helps to relax the environment and calm any type of agitation.

This is the flower of joy, joviality and happiness. It is said that if we decorate our home with them, they will drive away sadness and misery.

Its aroma enhances the sensations of:

  • wellness,
  • optimism and
  • tranquility.

This flower is used in different rituals according to its color, always attracting good vibes:

  • Red chrysanthemum for the love
  • Pink chrysanthemum For good luck
  • Yellow chrysanthemum to awaken spirituality and enhance faith, to communicate with spirits and to enhance prosperity

3. Carnations, symbols of passion

Carnations will stay fresh about three weeks, maintaining its beautiful and very varied colors. We must keep this flower in a vase with clean and fresh water.

It is a plant that is also linked to the recovery of strength and healing. Formerly the keys were used in order to face diseases.

  • They are symbols of passion, related to desire and romance.
  • They are also purifying flowers.

Red carnations at home or planted in a garden, they will repel any negative energy that wants to enter the home.

4. Daisies, the flower of pure love

Daisies are very common flowers but powerful and energetically comforting, and we should know that they can stay fresh for three weeks.

It is only necessary to change the water every two days and put them in a clean and cool place, if possible, where the sunlight touches them for a while without being too aggressive.

The daisy is a beautiful flower that represents the link for pure love. A bouquet of these beautiful flowers guarantees love and harmony between the family.

It is advisable to combine several flowers in the bouquets of this type, but of different shades, as they have different qualities. For example:

  • The red daisy evokes the most sensual and carnal side of a relationship
  • The white daisy enhances peace and quiet at home

5. Lavender, to relax the body and mind

These flowers can stay fresh for about two weeks.

Lavender includes very small flowers so they are found in a multitude of branches. We must remember to change the water often.

Spiritually it has many virtues, it is the plant that:

  • Relax and avoid stress.
  • It is used to attract a loved one, strengthen marriage and courtship.
  • It is extremely popular for rituals and love spells.

In addition, it is said that a lavender bouquet is able to neutralize negative energies and clean the bad vibes stagnant in our home.

6. Zinnia, flowers that heal the soul

In addition to being very colorful and pretty, zinnias can stay alive for almost a month, if we provide them with proper care.

  • You have to change the water every two days so that it is always clean and fresh and cut its stems.

A bouquet of zinnias helps us relax, enhance laughter and humor at home.

This beautiful flower is also ideal to harmonize the home, strengthen family relationships and thus help increase communication, spontaneity and relax tensions.

7. Gladioli, symbol of victory

Gladioli they usually stay fresh for ten days or a little longer, depending on our attentions.

  • We must not forget to water them or change the water every two days.

Gladiolus is a very pretty flower that has a wide range of colors. It symbolizes victory, strength of character and justice.

It is said that it is the plant of the festivities, as they can be present on any special occasion, such as weddings, baptisms, religious celebrations and many others.

Spiritually, a bouquet of gladioli can be used as a protective amulet against malevolent entities, as that is a symbolic flower associated with the legend of the virgin mary and of numerous saints of the Catholic Church.

Some rituals and cleanses with powerful flowers that you should know:

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