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12 Candles with different shape and spiritual meaning When to use them?

Candle shape meaning

Candles have been used for centuries as ritual elements of great power for any type of religion.

Their mystical meaning means that they have been used as divine lights that convey magic, mysticism, hope and security.

Since ancient times, candles have been used for magic and sorcery rituals.

The candle is said to represent the human being:

  • the wax to the physical body
  • the wick to the mind
  • calls her to the spirit.

Lighting a candle today is a symbol of devotion and a request for help from God and our spirit guides.

Candles have been used since ancient times in the Church as a symbol of the light of Christ, which can save souls and banish dark evil influences.

The spiritual meaning of the candle is fundamentally linked to Catholicism, but today they are symbols of many religions. Its power enhances rituals and spells with its light.

Did you know that the color and shape of the candles determines their spiritual meaning?

Within the rituals and calls that can be performed with candles, two aspects must be taken into account:

  • Color
  • The shape

Not only do the colors have powerful meanings when it comes to candles, but the shape of the ones we use must be in accordance with the type of ritual we are going to carry out.

The traditional shape is almost always used, which is the classic cylindrical candle, but there are also many other candles of different shapes that can be used and that will enhance the magic of the ritual.

E.g.People usually to pray or illuminate the saints or deities, use the cylindrical candle which is the most suitable for this type of issue.

But if we are going to perform a specific ritual, or use the candles for esoteric purposes, we must know the meaning of the shapes of the candles to know which one will be more feasible.

The importance of using candles correctly:

  • Choosing the right shape and color can modify a situation, because as we explained, it can enhance a type of ritual or a certain spell.
  • If we use the wrong way we run the risk of not having the necessary energy to carry the ritual to good results.

Therefore, it is necessary to know these differences and make the correct choice when making a ritual or spell.

Let's get to know the shapes of the candles most used in spells and rituals:

  • These less common types of candles can usually be found in esoteric or religious stores, where we can buy candles with very unusual shapes and figures, but always with a special meaning.
Light blue candles
Cylindrical candle

1. Cylindrical shape:

Cylindrical candles are the most used.

They promote growth, evolution and spiritual purification and attract positive energies to positively complete projects of any kind.

2. Bell shape:

The bell candles are used in spells and protective rituals.

They are used to protect against negative influences in some cases and in others to make certain news are carried and brought promptly.

If we want to ward off enemies, ask for strength and protection, this is the candle that we must use in any ritual.

3. Buddha shape:

Although at first it was a traditional candle of eastern cultures, the truth is that the figure of Buddha is a universal symbol today.

This candle is highly used when we are going through a bad economic streak, as the classic Buddha is used in golden colors to ask for money and abundance.

Any ritual for material prosperity can be enhanced through the use of candles in this form.

They are also used to attract luck and good fortune in any aspect of life.

4. Skull shape:

This is a very notorious candle.

It is said that skull-shaped candles are widely used in black magic, especially in spells to strongly influence a person and to provoke evil and confuse their ideas.

However, many experts recognize that the white skull-shaped candle is also used for rituals to relieve some psychological illnesses.

The prayers that are said in front of these skull-shaped candles vary if it is to do evil or to do good.

5. Pyramid shape:

This is a powerfully energetic candle that will protect us from negative energies.

The pyramid shaped candle is used to harmonize the home and restore harmony, warding off any bad vibes that may have built up.

  • That is why this candle is used in rituals of cleaning and purification of physical spaces.

When this candle is golden, it is used so that, between more money to a trade, that is, it is suitable for rituals related to economic abundance and better job opportunities.

6. Heart shape:

As its shape indicates, this is the candle of love spells.

The heart shape in a candle that is used in rituals to make sweeteners, love ties and to strengthen the bonds between couples. They are generally red in color.

It is said that the candles in the shape of black hearts are used to do evil to someone and cause ruptures between couples, confusing people's feelings.

7. Scissor shape:

These candles are believed to be very powerful. The scissor-shaped candles with the tips up and open, are used to cut the moorings made by others or to break certain spells.

But they can also be used to cause breakups when other people intrude on a relationship.

8. Cuff shape:

This is a very powerful wing if we want to ensure our protection and that of our family.

The fist-shaped candle is widely used to ward off evil and give strength to all spells and rituals aimed at consolidating plans, making goals visible and achieving purposes.

9. Apple shape:

This is the candle of fertility and feminine well-being.

This red candle shape is used to solve fertility problems and also to enhance sexuality between lovers.

Its meaning is related to Adam and Eve and their loving approach.

10. Square shape:

It is a highly spiritual candle, attached to Mother Earth.

The square sail brings solidity and firmness to our thoughts and helps us make firm decisions. It is a candle also indicated for spells of economic abundance.

11. Crescent shape

These candles represent the water element and are very powerful when used in love rituals.

It is said that they enhance our most emotional side, making it ideal for strengthening ties in all kinds of interpersonal relationships.

12. Cross shape 

These candles are linked to Catholicism and are used to reinforce altars and rituals.

Its purpose is also related to warding off diseases and improving health.

These candles are also frequently used in rituals to ward off the evil eye and break any spell intended for a person.

Some rituals yes añagive a candle will be more powerful:

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