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10 Phrases of Saint Augustine for a good life Love and do what you want!

Phrases of Saint Augustine of Hippo

Saint Augustine was one of the great thinkers among the early Christians. He stood out as a philosopher and theologian and is recognized as one of the four original doctors of the Latin church, called «Doctor of Grace».

And it is that Saint Augustine was also a monk of great imagination and extraordinary intelligence who excelled in the study of letters, literature and poetry.

He was bishop of the diocese of Hippo in Algeria, in North Africa, the country where he was born, which is why he is known as Saint Augustine of Hippo.

There, he is remembered and loved for his actions in favor of those in need, his preaching and the wisdom of his writings.

His literary work captures thousands of thoughts for the sake of human improvement and social welfare, and for it he is considered one of the most important philosophers of antiquity.

Many of his best known and most popular thoughts remain in full force. For example, know these powerful quotes and phrases from Saint Augustine of Hippo:

Phrases of Saint Augustine of Hippo about love and friendship

The confessions of Saint Augustine are phrases where he recognizes that these feelings are the key to human existence and without them, life would be sad and empty.

  1. The measure of Love is Love without measure.
  2. Love is a precious pearl that, if it is not possessed, other things are useless, and if it is possessed, everything else is superfluous.
  3. Love and do what you want:

If you are silent, you will be silent with love; if you scream, you will scream with love; if you correct, you will correct with love; if you forgive, you will forgive with love. If you have love rooted in you, nothing else but love will be your fruits.

Thoughts and reflections of Saint Augustine on life and our interior

The theologian and scholar advises on the characteristics and qualities that should prevail in a good person.

  1. In charity the poor are rich, without charity all rich are poor ...
  2. Do not go out of you, come back to you, because inside the man habita the truth.
  3. When a man discovers his faults, God covers them. When a man hides them, God discovers them, when he recognizes them, God forgets them.

Famous messages and phrases of Saint Augustine on faith and justice

In these thoughts, Saint Augustine ponders the truth of the Church, but also indicates the importance of knowing oneself and knowing how to recognize the mistakes and faults that we commit, in order to obtain forgiveness.

  1. Anyone who does not want to see their sins, throws them on their back, and the sins of others are very visible; not out of diligence, but out of envy; not to remedy them, but to accuse them; but he forgets himself.
  2. Whoever takes goods from the poor is a murderer of charity. Whoever helps them is a virtuoso of justice.
  3. Faith is believing what we don't see, and the reward is seeing what we believe.
  4. Pride is not greatness, but swelling; and what is swollen appears large, but is not healthy.

Some miraculous prayers to the Saints that you should know:

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