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10 Don Bosco Phrases to Inspire Young People for a Better Future

Phrases of Saint John Bosco to the young

San Juan Bosco or also known as Don Bosco He was a Catholic priest, educator and Italian writer who lived during the XNUMXth century who dedicated his days to doing good and teaching those in need.

Don Bosco decided to help street children, young delinquents and other youth groups marginalized by society, showing them better ways of looking at life.

As an educator, he based his teaching methods on affection and kindness, leaving aside the traditional punishments of the time.

He was one of the first educators who was really interested in teaching and giving a better future to the youth and children of vulnerable communities.

Saint John Bosco, granted the underprivileged a quality education.

In addition to his work as an educator, he has an extensive theological and pedagogical work, with advanced analysis on education, religion, charity, humility and the joy of living.

Did you know these phrases of Saint John Bosco about education and life?

Some of his most famous phrases sought to inspire young people to consider the happiness obtained from study and dedication.

Don Bosco's phrases reflect his commitment as the Salesian congregation and the education of vulnerable youth, so many civil and religious authorities of their time, followed them to the letter.

For example:

  1. Joy, study and piety: it is the best program to make you happy and that will benefit your soul the most.
  2. Be cautious when judging.
  3. The basis of all education is a matter of heart.
  4. Let's give enough if we want to achieve a lot.
  5. It is not enough to know things, it is necessary to practice them.
  6. Whoever has peace in his conscience, has everything.
  7. You have to have patience as an inseparable companion.
  8. How many souls can be attracted by good example!
  9. Good education is the germ of many virtues.
  10. Money cannot satisfy the heart of man, but the good use that is made of it, it is this that produces true satisfaction.

I pray to Saint John Bosco to guide us:

God the Father,

We thank you for having given you in Saint John Bosco,

a friend and a teacher for the youth.

We ask you, Lord,

may you help us grow in age, wisdom, and grace.

Guide us in discovering our vocation

and give us generosity to respond to your call.

Saint John Bosco, intercede for us

and accompaniedaña our way. Amen

Other beautiful prayers to Saints and spirit guides:

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