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What fruit does Oggun represent in Santeria? Offering spiritual freshness

Oggun fruit

The fruit known as Water Melon, which in other countries is also known as watermelon, is a symbol of faith and courage when we dedicate it to Oggun, the iron warrior in the Yoruba Pantheon.

Why do we refresh Oggun with Melon?

This is a fruit with great spiritual power in the Osha or Santeria, for this reason it is often placed to entertain him, and for the Orisha it is one of his favorite offerings or addimú.

It is said that this offering keeps it pure and fresh, since the whole fruit is placed on top of which a small cut is made to spread its juice over the iron pot that serves as the deity's receptacle.

The santeros know that it is convenient to refresh Oggun with a certain frequency, especially after going through difficult, confusing or violent situations, in order to eliminate bad vibes and restore harmony and balance.

The Melon and its Spiritual Meaning

Vitality and energy, since fruits represent healthy life, is what the water melon transmits.

It is a very popular fruit, especially by those who want to have a refreshing meal, especially after physical intensity, it has the power to calm the body and soul.

The melon is the typical summer fruit, delicious, fresh, light and healthy, and in spirituality:

  • It transmits energy to undertake complex tasks and gives strength to move forward.
  • The melon is also a symbol of fertility in many cultures.

And we are not necessarily talking about motherhood, but about creation, which is why many people consider it a good omen to find a melon with numerous seeds, since they can mean the success of a project.

  • It is said that the fruit is representative of abundance, of prosperity that is earned through hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

A ritual with melon for the warrior Oggun

The Fruit that Oggun prefers in Santeria provides evolution, firmness and freshness in the face of life's adversities.

For this reason, as we explained before, Oggun prefers the water melon to refresh his power tools.

Procedure for the work:

  1. As the watermelon refreshes the orisha with its juice, we must place it whole on its cauldron with a small cut in the upper part so that the liquid drains through that hole.
  2. Keep in mind that the fruit is placed with the opening facing up.
  3. He is left for 3 days and then removed and washes his cauldron and tools.
  4. Also with great faith, you should light a small white candle and dedicate a prayer of thanks to it.
  5. You can use this I pray to summon it (click)

Remember to make your request with great faith, pray for good health and strength to solve your problems, never ask evil for anyone, this deity is very righteous and he will do what he thinks is right for your life.

We also share the step by step of this Offering with melon in the form of a Lamp for Oggun (click here)

We share some of the works on behalf of Oggun:

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