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Oshún's favorite fruit in Santería: A ritual to sweeten

Oshun's favorite fruit

Although the pumpkin is considered the main fruit of Oshun, the goddess likes oranges very much, those fruits that reflect the sun and accumulate all the sweetness of the rivers inside.

Oranges to sweeten the beautiful Oshun...

Oshun gets five oranges, or five halves of the fruit, depending on the offering to be made and its purpose, but generally they are 5 portions or units, as this is the number of the Orisha in the Rule of the Osha.

When oranges are placed as an offering, we can also complement them by spreading honey on them. This prayer is usually offered to the Yoruba Goddess of Love in those situations in which we need to sweeten or conquer something, or overcome painful situations.

Even Oshun likes apricots and medlars, which are placed with the same numerology that represents it (quantities of 5), although many times without dividing them in half.

Spiritual Meaning of Oranges

The orange as a fruit hides a special power, it symbolizes:

  • Perfection in its circle and is also a symbol of the feminine, of the bright and beautiful as the sun.
  • These fruits represent the search for prosperity and economic well-being, which is why they are seen as emissaries of luck and fortune.
  • For ancient Eastern cultures, the orange symbolized luck, and was an extremely valued fruit, intended for offerings to gods and kings.

Ancient legends associated with the fruit

Likewise, many ancient traditions indicate that the orange is a granter of fertility.

For this reason, in the past, people gave baskets with these fruits to newly married couples to wish them the early happiness of being parents.

Even in Greek mythology there is the legend of the tree of golden apples, located in the garden of the Hesperides. These golden apples are supposed to be oranges, granting immortality to whoever consumes them.

It is also said that the phrase "half orange" As far as love and our ideal partner are concerned, it stems from a legend that tells us that we all wander the Earth looking for the other part that complements us.

Offerings to Oshun with Orange to attract Love

In Afro-Cuban culture The orange is one of the representative fruits of the powers of the beautiful Oshun, the goddess of sweet honey in the Yoruba Pantheon.

That is why we offer it to you in offerings when we want your help in situations related to love, prosperity or fertilityamong other requests.

To attract true love and sweeten this path with the fruit of Oshun:

  1. We place five orange halves at the foot of Oshun
  2. We spread them with honey and cinnamon.
  3. We light a yellow or gold candle in his name.
  4. We beg Oshun to listen to us and help us in the situation we need.
  5. After 5 days we remove the offering and take it to the river with great faith or at the foot of a leafy tree.

In the natural temple of the goddess "the river", we let Oshún's favorite fruit be carried away by its current, and we ask that, just as its waters flow, love flows in our lives.

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