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Bananas, the offering and fruit that Shangó prefers in Santería

Shango fruit

Yoruba religious They know that in any circumstance this fruit is good to offer to Shangó, especially those little ones called apple bananas, or another type of fruit called indian banana, which is medium reddish in its shell.

Although if we do not have bananas at hand, we can use other fruits that you also like, such as red apples and mamey, which, spread with corojo butter next to a glass of dry wine or red wine, will please you. 

En the Yoruba pantheon Shangó is the god of candlelight and dance, he is a strong and brave warrior who is not afraid of anything, his power helps us face difficulties, defeat enemies and attract open paths.

Why is Shangó offered a banana?

In Cuba it is identified by its color as: Indian banana

They say that the banana dominates the winds, because in its trunk the secrets of all the gods and of nature are locked up.

One day the Ifá diviner Orunmila received the power to control the winds and he was in that when he saw a beautiful bunch hanging from a short banana tree.

Then, he took it as a gift to his brother Shangó and he was so delighted that he does not forgive his children if they touch a single banana from the bunch that they present to him as an offering. 

For Yoruba followers, the banana is not only a food, but also an essential and powerful element to do the Ebbó (spiritual purification cleansing).

And Shangó likes this fruit so much that he always asks for Ogguede (banana) before akuko (rooster) and ayakua (jicotea) for his offerings.

A ritual with bananas to thank Shangó

We can thank Shangó through various rituals and prayers, for his blessings and his help to overcome problems and obstacles.

For example, one of the rituals to thank and ask Shangó advise:

  1. Tie six green bananas with a red ribbon, which is its representative color.
  2. Place them like this with great respect on a white plate.
  3. Light two white or red candles on another white plate and place it right next to the offering fruits.
  4. You must place this offering in a secluded place in the house and after 6 days, bury it at the foot of a leafy tree.

Let us remember that this type of rituals are complemented with prayers of thanks dedicated to Shangó, so that the deity listens to us and is present, and comes to our aid when we are in need.

We share other rituals with offerings that Shangó adores:

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