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favorite fruits of Oyá: Offer him 9 Grenades and a beautiful prayer

fruits of Oyá

The pomegranate is a fruit with immense spiritual meanings, related to life, fertility and power. In Santeria it is dedicated to Oyá in the form of an offering, and since the Orisha guardian of the cemetery has 9 as a number or mark in the Osha Ifá Rule, nine fruits are usually given to her.

It is also offered to Obatalá, the father Orisha, although we will put eight grenades on him coinciding with his numerology. In both cases, the fruits will be simply washed with water and dried with a clean cloth to clean all the dense energies.

Although of the Fruits for Oyá highlights the power of the grenade, likewise the Queen of the Spark likes other beautiful fruits, depending on our economic situation or desire, we can put them in quantities of 9 fruits or 9 pieces, for example:

  • Beet
  • Papaya (bombfruit)
  • Grapes
  • Tamarind (also offered in drink form)
  • Indian plantain (has reddish color)
  • Sweet potato (also known as sweet potato)

Spiritual Meaning of the Pomegranate in various cultures

pomegranate fruit Oyá
Pomegranates, one of the favorite Fruits of Oyá

In Mediterranean cultures, The pomegranate is a fruit that symbolizes love and fertility. In the Jewish tradition, the new year was expected by eating pomegranates as a representative of happiness and fertility.

As well in greek mythologyIt is said that the first pomegranate was planted by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and Hades, custodian of hell, who offered its fruit to Persephone to seduce her.

In China, this fruit is associated with prosperity., which is why pomegranates are often given as gifts to young couples starting a life together.

As we can see, the fruit has been present in the history, legends and iconography of numerous cultures.

And it's not just symbol of intense and passionate love and the prosperous union, but it is also representative of health, for its incredible healing properties to combat asthma, hypertension, diabetes, fluid retention and other ailments.

Within the Rule of Osha Ifá, also known as Santeria, the grenade acquires immense relevance and symbolic power. Its meaning transcends by representing mainly the powerful goddess Oyá, highlighting its connection to the spirituality and transformative energy of this sacred tradition.

The delivery of nine pomegranates as an offering to Oyá In Santeria, it not only symbolizes our respect and devotion to the goddess, but also establishes a deep connection with her transformative and protective power.

Offering of 9 grenades dedicated to Oyá

Such a powerful fruit must be dedicated to a powerful Orisha. Fundamentally, it is used in requests related to love and prosperity, but no matter what we need, she will attend to us.

When we ask Oyá help in matters of love, prosperity, health or fertility, we can dedicate an offering of pomegranates. We must remember that the Queen of the four winds receive your offerings respecting the numerology of 9.

Ritual procedure for Yansa:

  1. If we have the saint received We place the fruits in front of your representation for several days and before they are damaged or spoiled, we take them to the cemetery in your name.
  2. If you have not received it, but trust your power, put it in your name.
  3. When presenting the offering of 9 pomegranates in the cemetery (at the gate of the cemetery) we must ask him with great faith to listen to us and help us achieve our purpose.
  4. In case of not being able to go to the cemetery, we leave them at the foot of a leafy tree or on a hill, the latter much better.
  5. Daily we light a white candle for a while and we take the opportunity to pray to him and ask him with devotion for what we need.

What meaning does this ritual offering have?

  • By handing over these meaningful fruits, We seek to receive your guidance and blessings in our spiritual path, allowing us to reap the fruits of life and the fertility that it represents in our existence.
  • This symbolic offering reflects the exchange of energies between the devotee and the deity, creating a sacred bond that transcends earthly boundaries.

powerful prayer to Oyá Yansa to beg for help

Powerful Oyá, guardian of the wind and mystery, Here I offer you these nine pomegranates (you can substitute the fruit that is offered), symbol of life and power, I ask you with humility and devotion to listen to my special request, May your strength and protection guide my way and grant me what I long for.

With the wind that blows and the energy that flows in this sacred place, I give you my wishes, my dreams and my hopes, May your powerful influence open the doors of opportunities, And may your goodness accompany me in every step I take.

Oyá, Orisha of transformations and storms, I trust you with my deepest desires, I give them to you with faith, May these grenades be the bridge that connects my heart with yours, Listen to my words and guide my steps towards the achievement of my purpose.

So be it, with the blessing of Oyá and the power of grenades, I manifest and accept it in my life.

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