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Eleguá's favorite fruits: Their meaning, rituals and prayers

Eleguá's favorite fruits

Eleguá's favorite fruits in the Yoruba religion They are usually coconut and guavas. These fruits are considered special and are used in offerings and rituals dedicated to Eleguá. In addition to their symbolic and spiritual meaning, these fruits are believed to have a special connection to the energy and powers of the Orisha Eleguá.

Today we will see the meaning and help it can give us the guava, as a power fruit of the Orisha in the Rule of Osha (Santeria).

In the event of any situation of danger or illness, in the event of any problem or whenever desired, you can put three guavas to Eleguá.

  • In the case of living a stalemate, these guavas must be presented togetherañagive of cascarilla and corojo butter, then we spread it with both hands while we talk with Eleguá about the situation that worries us.
  • If we give them to the saint in the form of addimú or offering, we can also place them inside their clay pot or in a jicarita in front of the Orisha, It does not matter if you have received it or notThe important thing is that you put a lot of faith in the little warrior.
  • Yes it is for ebbó or cleaning in the name of Elegua, we put the guavas and after three days we clean ourselves with them, taking them one by one with the right hand and passing them around our body, starting with the head and ending with the feet.

Remember first we light his white or red candle to Elegua at the beginning of the prayer.

 Why do the Guava fruits have so much power for Eleguá?

Guavas for Eleguá
Guavas for Eleguá

In the Yoruba religion, the favorite offering to Eleguá are guavas, preferably green and often covered in honey. The Lord of the Roads has a preference for tropical fruits, but mainly He likes coconut and guavas.

Eleguá, the first Orisha to be received, not only enjoys the guava as an offering, but his powers are also linked to these fruits. And it is that Eleguá carry a garabato or stick made of wood from the guava tree with which he makes his way through the mountains and roads. Also according to many, great powers reside in that element.

Eleguá should never miss his doodle, because it is your support and your main tool.

Guava is a fruit that represents success and suggests the enjoyment of life and achievements. It symbolizes above all economic well-being, and that is why it is used mainly in requests of this type.

Offering with guava for financial well-being and attract money

As we have said, Eleguá adores green guavas, which is why many requests from his devotees are supported with an offering of this delicious fruit.

Precisely, it is used a lot to ask the saint for his help, to solve money problems or when we go through a bad economic period.

Ingredients for the ritual with the Eleguá fruit

We just need to take:

  • 3 green guavas, this is their number in the Osha (Santeria)
  • Place them on a white plate in front of your representation or in case you do not have it, in a corner of the house or behind the door, avoiding bathrooms and habitation
  • Let's talk to Eleguá and pray with love this powerful prayer.

I pray to offer the fruits to Eleguá

I offer you these green guavas, my saint, enjoy them and grant my request. Make my financial difficulties disappear.

Eleguá, guardian of the roads, to you we present these guavas, fruits that you love and we offer you with devotion. In moments of danger or illness, in the face of any problem or concern, we come to you, powerful Eleguá.

With these guavas in our hands, and in your sacred presence, we speak to you and share our concerns. Shed your light on our difficulties, clear our paths and grant us clarity.

In the form of an offering, we place these guavas on your altar, as a symbol of respect and gratitude, we offer you this prayer, beloved Eleguá. Guavas, your favorite fruits, represent your connection to the power of nature. Your doodle, made of guava wood, is a symbol of your strength and constant support.

In search of financial well-being, we turn to you, Eleguá, with humility. 3 green guavas we offer you with hope and gratitude. We speak to you from the heart, oh Eleguá, with the certainty of your listening and guidance.

Grant our requests and wishes, may economic difficulties fade away. For 3 days, we prayed fervently, keeping in our minds and hearts the image of your sacred fruits.

Eleguá, open for us the paths, prosperity and financial well-being.

May the guava be our symbol of success, and let us enjoy life and its achievements. With gratitude and confidence in your power, we honor you, Eleguá, protector and friend.

May our lives be guided by your light, and our paths open to happiness. So be it. Ashé.

  • We must pray the prayer for 3 days.
  • The last day we must bury the guavas in the bush

After this offering and request, Eleguá will help us and will open for us the paths of prosperity and financial well-being.

Giving this fruit to Eleguá will not only open your paths, but you will see development and much more energy in your day to day.

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