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What is the Fatuous Fire? Its meaning and its relationship with spirits

Wisp meaning

The appearance of the wisp It is a more common phenomenon than is believed, its production consists of the inflammation of certain organic materials such as phosphorus and methane, which rise from putrefactive animal or vegetable substances, giving rise to what we know as wildfire.

It is said that the wildfire appears arranged in the formation of small flames that are observed burning in the air a short distance from the surface of the ground, mainly in marshy places and in cemeteries, places that correspond to the decomposition of certain objects.

Wisp is identified with the presence of pale lights that can sometimes be seen at night.

There are many legends about them, the myths that surround this fire are very diverse, the different cultures of the world have justified their appearance through scientific elements, paranormal events and popular legends.

Does the Fatuous Fire bring bad luck?

To put it in some way, the wisp has been considered an ominous phenomenon due to the places where it is more frequent.

Phenomenon that is linked to the origin of its production, which is directly related to the decomposition of natural elements.

Myths and legends about the appearance of the Fatuous Fire

In many cultures the presence of the will-be-wisp is associated with wandering over the land of dark or lightless spirits, while for others this event is identified with the incarnation of Satan on earth.

Some religious have grown up listening to the old legend that tells, that the places where you can see wisp are doors to hell and that seeing the flames behaves as a prelude to a death announced through this show.

The popular cult at the same time raises the possibility that the wisp represents the souls of the deceased who did not receive baptism as a means of salvation or approach to Almighty God and who therefore wander aimlessly on earth, trying to find divine forgiveness to ascend to heaven.

Beliefs in Asia and Cuba:

Asian cultures raise the possibility that the wisp incarnates souls that have recently been separated from their bodies and await their funeral rites to rise spiritually.

In Cuba, it is believed that seeing the wisp is equivalent to being in close contact with the afterlife, which is why only the most curious dare to venture into such a sublime challenge.

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