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«El Muerto» Spiritual connection between the garment and the gangulero


The Rule of Palo Mayombe It is one of the most widespread religious practices in Cuba.

This bases its powers on the use of the garment, a consecrated ritual element for the development of ceremonies, which run at the hands of the gangulero and his foundation dead.

The bargain is supported by various elements those that give it strength and power, among these we cite:

  • Animal immolations,
  • the presence of the woods of the mountain,
  • the use of tobacco smoke and brandy to name a few of these.

The pact between the dead man and the gangulero:

Palo mayombe gangulero

The dead that habita on the foundation is with whom the gangulero must make a pact in which mutual cooperation is established in the performance of invocations and other rituals.

This is the heart of the nganga, while the presence of elements such as sticks, bones and other ingredients make up the body.

The dead man is the giver of life to the cauldron, therefore he is also the spiritual force that connects the cauldron with the gangulero.

The nfumbi or misnamed dead man, is recruited by the mayombero of his own free will through offers, promises and sacrifices.

The bones of the deceased that will be incorporated into the garment should only be moved by the religious if the entity itself authorizes it through the help of the oracle, if it does not give its approval, the presence of the same within the foundation is in vain since they will not be of help during ceremonies.

Once the pact between the dead man and the gangulero is sealed, the second goes on to know the biography of the entity, his tastes, his experiences, the way he died, data that constitute elements that add greater value to the gangue and the rituals that later they will be carried out in it.

A bond that lasts until the death of the religious ...

The bond created between the entity and the palero will last until the death of the religious, it should be noted that for all invocations to be successful there must be prior consultation between both entities, because if they do not work together the ritual will not have the necessary success.

The gangulero will have to procure its foundation by propitiating offerings and animal sacrifices, elements that will allow the gangue to acquire greater vital energy.

In turn, the bargain must meet its initiate in such a way that they find a balance among themselves.

The cauldron receives the tributes that are most accommodating to it, it is the palero's duty to consult his nfumbi about what he wishes to receive and later give it to him.

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