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The Garabato de Guayaba is the staff of Eshú in the Rule of Osha

Elegguá Scribble

Eleggua It is an Orisha of foundation within the Yoruba Religion, this occupies a vital place among the seven African powers or major deities of Santeria which are stipulated to be crowned by the Iyawoses in the sacred consecration of the Osha.

Eshu The name under which this deity is also identified is the protector of the vicissitudes of destiny, this saint is requested in order to obtain his blessing to overcome obstacles and difficult moments.

It is the Orisha who mediates between life and death, at which point he withdraws the keys of life from the deceased, permanently closing the paths of earthly existence for his matter.

El Garabato de Guayaba and his secret pact with Elegguá, the holy protector of the roads.

Guava doodle for Eleguá
Eleguá Scribble

The Guava Scribble is one of the distinctive attributes of Elegguá this tool is called iwo lunguoa in lucumí.

The Orisha uses this instrument traditionally made with guava branches in order to break through the thickness of the bush, which metaphorically translates in the religious plane as the instrument that allows Elegguá to uncoverañar he will go when he is surrounded by osogbos and difficulties.

This is the key piece that he uses as a spiritual hook to fish luck and health, says the pataki that Eshú used the squiggle to save his life when he was persecuted by his enemies and since then he established a pact with it, making it his most valuable possession. prized.

Some religious houses have modified the appearance of the doodle by adorning it with red and black beads, bells, ribbons, among other decorations, while others prefer to worship this attribute in its natural state.

How is the Squiggle, the main attribute of Eshú, enshrined?

The guava squiggle It is consecrated by means of saints and ceremonial powders such as smoked fish, corn and hutía.

Aguardiente is blown into this instrument and it is placed behind the door of the house, a place where it habita Choose so that the Orisha catches all the blessings that Olodumare want to pour out on the ilé and prevent in the same way, that adversities disturb the lives of those who dwell within it.

Ritual with 7 scribbles to attract good fortune at the foot of the Orisha Elegguá.

When the santero wishes to attract good luck, he places seven small scribbles at the foot of Elegguá, having previously smeared them with corojo butter and sprinkled on them, smoked fish, corn and jutía.

The seven squiggles They can be made with guava, which is considered Eshú's stick par excellence, although a combination of different strong sticks can be used in this work.

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