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Scribble of Eleguá, the Orisha's power object

Black and red Eleguá doodle

Eleggua He is one of the seven fundamental gods of the Yoruba Pantheon. He is the first to be called in every religious act or holiday and the last to say goodbye, thus representing the beginning and the end of all roads, birth and death, good and evil.

Elegguá is the messenger of the gods, if he wants it, nothing that is offered to them reaches them.

It is the first of the group of the four warriors (Elegguá, Oggún, Ochosi and Osun), and in nature it is symbolized by the rocks, therefore, it lives in that figure behind the door in an otá (stone), otá conchífera, reef, loaded otá or loaded cobo snail.

In the necklaces that the religious use, they give their Ashé and among their main attributes are bells, mouse trap, coins, children's toys, guano or straw hat, maraca painted with their colors, door keys, gold nuggets and coins silver and also a scribble or guava stick.

Blazing trails with the Guava Scribble for Eleguá

Eleguá doodle

The Eleguá doodle It is the main power object of the Orisha, well known in the Rule of Osha for its spiritual significance. It has numerous uses and powers, in fact, when Elegguá dances, she uses the scribble similarly, it makes its way through the vegetation of the mountain, cleaning up the bad and opening roads.

The scrawl They can be used in santeras practices to clean houses, to collect bad energy, to ward off the spirits that are bothering us. Also next to the machete, the Elegguá doodle protects from the dark charges that accumulate around us.

How do you make the Elegguá scribble?

El Eleguá doodle It is a cane from the guava plant, although it is explained that in recent years religion has reached countries where this tree does not exist and other similar types of wood have had to be adopted.

El scribble original measures 37 inches and is red and black. However, it is difficult today to find a scribble that has the original characteristics.

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