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Eshú is given three Scribbles to "break talanqueras"

Eshú scribble

On a certain occasion Eleggua He came to earth disguised as a beggar to prove the goodness of his children.

He was playing from house to house asking for alms and in all the places where he arrived they treated him well and offered him what he asked.

Pataki where Eleguá humbles her Son

The Orisha was very pleased until he arrived at the house of his last son who, when he saw that the one who was knocking on his door was a beggar, treated him badly and denied him alms.

Eshú enraged decided to teach him a lesson for his rude act.

to the mañaThe next day the man went out to the town square, barely remembering what had happened to him the day before.

Suddenly he saw the beggar pass among the people and without waiting for him a great lawsuit broke out in the market where everyone was detained until the facts were clarified.

After the justice carried out some investigations, all the witnesses pointed to the man as the author of the revolt.

Fact that he claimed uncertain, but the evidence did not appear to corroborate what he said and prove his innocence.

Eleguá tells his son what he should do to save himself from the Osogbo that was chasing him

One night while he was sleeping Elegguá appeared to him and whispered what he had to do to save himself.

He paid close attention to what Eshú was explaining to him and took three scribbles that Elegguá gave him with which he was going to solve all the osogbos and the accusations against him.

Elegguá knew that his son was innocent and had placed him in this situation so that he would not be so arrogant, so he entered the dream of the witnesses, indicating that it was the right moment for the whole situation to be clarified and to change their testimonials.

The power of Eshu's scrawl saves from misfortune

At dawn the delegation was packed with people, all claiming to have made a mistake accusing Elegguá's son.

As for justice, there was no choice but to release him, and he was acquitted for lack of evidence against him.

When Eshú's son arrived at his house in gratitude to his father, he gave him three chicks and placed the scribbles on him, from that moment he promised Elegguá to correct his behavior and to be more generous with whoever needed it.

From that day on, every time he had a problem, "Talanqueras" used his three doodles, which were a talisman in his life to attract good fortune.

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