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Do you know the Powers and Uses of the Eleguá doodle? The Orisha warrior

Eleguá Scribble

One of the objects of power of the orisha of the roads Eleggua is the doodle, it has a great spiritual meaning in addition to its great religious powers.

Guava doodle for Eleguá

Guava plant doodle for Eleguá
Guava plant to make doodle from Eleguá

The squiggle It is usually from the guava tree and measures an average of 37 inches, it is adorned with black and red ribbons, representative tones of the orisha.

Its preparation, ornaments and material depend on the religious who owns it and where it is found, because in some countries the guava tree does not exist and is replaced as Elegguá says, by a strong and powerful stick.

The little giant of Osha Elegguá He uses it when he comes down to earth and dances, in his movements he carries the doodle to make his way through the mountain, clearing paths and removing the bad that hinders him and does not let him advance.

For this reason the doodle is possessed of great power in the Yoruba religion, the religious uses it as an element to break through as Elegguá does.

The Eleguá scribble helps us to:

  1. Cleaning our homes or businesses, collecting bad energy and removing everything that disturbs us.
  2. It serves as a protector against negative charges that can be found around us. Away enemies, evil and envy.
  3. It attracts positive vibes and when using it, the good comes with it. It opens roads, offers new opportunities and directs us along the good trails.

How can we use this powerful attribute?

By making movements with the sacred scribble from top to bottom, you are attracting prosperity, health and luck to yourself.

When you use it you should always visualize what you attract and you can say to Elegguá out loud:

With your Elegguá permission, I use your scribble to open the ways for me and thus achieve the stability, firmness, harmony and abundance that I need and have for my guard. Thank you Elegguá

Now, the doodle must be placed on top of Elegguá, tobacco smoke and rum must be blown on it every Monday when you attend the owner of the 4 corners.

May my modest knowledge help you to clear up the bad with the doodle and always protect you on the paths of life. Blessings.

Some powerful rituals and offerings on behalf of Eleguá:

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