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Attract the good with Eleguá and 7 Doodles: An offering that opens up paths

Eleguá doodles

One of the offerings most liked by Eleguá are the doodles (iwó), made from the guava tree because he always works with them to open paths and clear them.

Luck is attracted with 7 guava scribbles and today I will explain to you how it is done so that all the good things come to you with the blessing of the little giant of the Osha.

Elegguá in the Yoruba pantheon is our spoiled and spoiled child with him everything is achieved, he is the one who opens our paths and directs our destinies, he is a warrior Osha who fights for his children and devotees.

Remember that faith It is very important that for your dreams to always stay alive and to achieve everything in life, faith is required.


Black and red Eleguá doodle
  • 7 scribbles of guava
  • Corojo butter
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • 1 Candle

The scribbles we will look for small. You only need to find one guava tree to pluck 7 branches that look like a scribble. As you do, put faith in it, it is part of the ritual to connect with the orisha of the Eleguá roads.

How do we do this ritual in the name of Eleguá?

  1. You take the 7 Eleguá scribbles and spread corojo butter on them, sprinkle smoked jutía and smoked fish on top.
  2. Then you put them at the foot of Elegguá or inside its casserole.
  3. You light the candle to Elegguá, brandy and tobacco smoke are blown on him.
  4. And you say these words of prayer with much, much faith and humility.

Short sentence for Elegguá:

Elegguá here is your son / daughter (your name) asking for your blessing.
May these 7 doodles come to me:
I will go Ariku‐ Salud
I will go Buyoco- Seat
I will go Ashegun‐ Expiration
I will go Oma‐ Intelligence
I will go Omaye‐ Wisdom
I will go Siguayu‐ Progreso
I will go to Abilona- Open roads
May your blessing always follow and protect me

What is the Eleguá Garabato for?

The doodle of the orisha Eleguá as an element of power has a great ashé, positive and protective energy, it is the weapon that the orisha uses to make his way through the thick of the mountain, as well as our paths when they have obstacles and negative situations.

Therefore, when used in this simple, but powerful ritual, it will bring you a lot of prosperity, opening paths of strength and unfoldment, and warding off all kinds of osogbo, misfortune, enemies and evil.

You will always have these scribbles at the foot of Elegguá:

  • You leave the candle until it burns out, you can sit next to it to talk with the orisha.

Every Monday, which are the days to attend Elegguá you take the scribbles in your hands and do the action of pulling towards yourself, saying the prayer and blowing brandy and tobacco smoke again. 

Trust Eleguá and do it every Monday you want, you can always leave them there with the orisha, so that it works as a protective shield.

Ashé for you, and may everything beautiful open up and stay with you, especially health and love, blessings.

Other offerings and attentions that you can give to Eleguá:

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