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Sunflowers: a gift from Oshún

Sunflowers for oshún

It is more than proven that Cuban women are strong, independent and empowered women, confident and full of positive energy. And many are the ones who wear a sunflower, or they carry it in their hand or display it even on their skin.

And is that the sunflower is seen throughout Cuba as an element of positive power representing the Orisha Oshun, Goddess worshiped in the Afro-Cuban religion.

One of the most revered deities by Cuban women, who have decided to adopt the Orisha flower as a symbol of femininity, strength and Cubanness.

El sunflower It is native to Central America, Mexico and North America, but the Spanish during the conquest introduced it to Europe and today it is known throughout the world.

Sunflower, healing properties

El sunflower It is a plant with many healing properties and it is not only a pretty flower.

It is an expectorant that helps to relieve secretions from the lungs such as bronchitis. And it is also used in preparations against fever, cough, colds, stomach ailments and nosebleeds.

It favors the function of the kidneys by removing fluid from the body and fights diseases such as cystitis, kidney stones and favors digestion.

El sunflower It is also used as a disinfectant or healing agent, as its oil is used to clean wounds and burns, while its seeds have a high nutritional value, protein and vitamins.

The flower that turns to the sun and its spirituality

It is the flower that represents sunlight and for centuries it has been worshiped as a spiritual symbol of deities. It symbolizes good luck, health and happiness for its colors and for its permanent search for light.

El sunflower in the Regla de Ocha It is one of the best offerings for the Orisha Oshún, whose color is yellow and the flower represents her, as well as faith, love and union.

For many it is also a symbol of fortune and wealth.

In the Rule of Ocha, the sunflower that is offered to Oshún has a pure energy and is a feminine protection weapon.  

It represents fertility, passion and therefore it is used in rituals of fidelity, prosperity, money, because in this way the Orisha of Love and Rivers can attend our prayers.

Sunflowers for Oshún

If there is an offering that Mother Oshún loves, it is five simple sunflowers in her name, when you buy them, choose the most beautiful, the most yellow, the ones that you know she will love.

It is a very simple offering that loaded with faith will bring you wonderful results in your life. When you place the sunflowers in her name, invite her with this prayer and ask for what you want from your heart and she will give it to you:

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