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La Gitana, spirit of foundation within the spiritual cord

Spiritual gypsy

The presence of gypsy families in Cuba is not a very widespread fact in history, the settlement on the island of these communities led many of their customs to become part of traditional traditions.

It is speculated that the first gypsies who arrived in the largest of the Antilles did so as the work force of the Spanish settlers, in the process of conquest and colonization, carried out from the year 1492.

Other investigations affirm that this migration took place as a result of the wars that began to break out in Europe at the hands of the Nazi forces.

Their nomadic lifestyle allowed them to settle throughout the Cuban archipelago, doing jobs in the circus, fairs and the sale of handicraft products.

The gypsies contributed to the Cuban gastronomy the gypsy arm, a delicious dessert that currently sweetens the palate of many diners. The word jiribilla is typical of his language, with this a restless person of great vitality was cataloged.

How is a Gypsy represented?

The representation of a spiritual gypsy is made by means of a doll. This is covered with a long dress or a set of skirt and blouse.

His head is usually covered with a scarf or his hair is adorned with flowers. The doll is adorned with many jewels and glitters in order to highlight her femininity and beauty.

It should be noted that each spirit has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the others, they may vary, if the religious does not have much knowledge about the spirit, he is advised to adorn the doll following his inspiration.

The characteristics of this protective spirit are identified over time through research masses, taking into account the signals given by said spirit and the scope that the medium possesses.

What kind of objects are offered to the representation of a spiritual gypsy?

Gypsies throughout history have been considered fortune tellers by nature, avid dancers and women of singular physical beauty.

The representation of this spirit can be given a set of Spanish cards, tools that in ancient times they used to predict the future.

Certain musical instruments such as tambourines, guitars and castanets are attributed to him, in the same way the use of mantilla and fans.

Subtle fragrances and spirits are gifted to this spirit. Cigars, jewelry, and flowers are tributes that rejoice for this spirit guide.

Gypsy spirits are jealous protectors of family and love, that is why it is said that when a couple is in discord or they go through problems to find love, they must resort to the help of these souls.

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