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The Yoruba Cap, a sacred religious heritage ►Ogbe Otura sign

Yoruba hat

Ogbe Otura lived in a humble cabinaña with his father, who was ill.

Some time later, the old man passed away, leaving his son a ceremonial cap as his only inheritance.

Pataki where the Ashé was in the Ceremonial Cap

Ogbe Otura when he found himself only began to suffer needs, this when seeing that he was not advancing in life went to the foot of orunmila for the great soothsayer to help him out of the crossroads he was at.

  • Orula then began to consult the man, to whom he asked if his father had inherited any property from him.
  • He replied that he was a beggar and did not have any fortune.
  • But after thinking, he realized that he had received a ceremonial cap, the one he had left on his head.aña considering it insignificant.

The Ifá oracle then told the religious that he should look for the hat because in it was the Ashé he needed, so he had to bring it to the board to consecrate it and make an ebbó in which he had to immolate two roosters to the spirit of his father in the river.

After performing the sacrifice on behalf of his father, a mass was held and the spirit came to give Ogbe Otura some advice in order to guide his son so that he could improve his position.

Following the word of Ifá in other lands is luck

Once all the ceremonies were finished, Ogbe Otura left for his house and on the way he ran into an old man who requested help, then the individual helped the man.

The old man advised the man to leave for another town in search of luck because a better future awaited him there.

Then Ogbe Otura, wearing his hat, set out on a new course and when he reached his destination he realized that the sun was lacking and the water was scarce.

Ogbe Otura asked for some guineas and sacrificed them to Olorun and the Orisha in return returned the sun's rays to the people and their situation improved.

Due to his intelligence and his easy search for solutions, the settlers welcomed him with great devotion.

to the mañaThe next Ogbe Otura wearing his ceremonial cap made another sacrifice to Olofin and after many prayers the deity sent them the rain.

And with the union of the sun's rays and water, the lands became fertile and crops flourished, agriculture grew on these lands and with their trade, men and women obtained a fair payment for their products, prospering in life.

From that day on, in every religious ceremony, men to implore the Orishas cover their heads.

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