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The beheaded of the Seborucal: The myth of the spirit that wanders without a head

Screaming Seborucal

The following legend dates from the year 1658, when Remedios, a region located today in the current province of Villa Clara, was the target in the crosshairs of the continuous attacks by corsairs and pirates, who sought to enrich themselves at the cost of looting the different towns of the Balearic Islands.añagiven by the Caribbean Sea.

The legend and mysteries that surround La Gritona del Seborucal

The Olonés was one of the ruffians of the sea who was in charge of writing the pages of history with blood.

This was known for being in charge of numerous pirate ships, in 1658 the rogues arrived on the shores of Remedios brutally attacking the town.

Numerous were the abuses committed on that occasion by the pirates, such was the terror they instilled that the Remedians had no alternative but to go into the forest to save their lives.

Departure that was not timely for the village priest who was murdered inside the church itself and one of the village's young women, a hostage that the Olonés captured to make her his lover.

Legend has it that the brave woman defended herself tooth and nail against her aggressor, preventing him from achieving his goal, which is why the pirate beheaded her in front of his entire crew.

Popular history collects the fact that after the beheading the body continued to run along the coast until it was thrown down a ravine.

The head was rolling indistinctly, while his face froze in a show of deep pain.

The specter of the young woman has been wandering for several centuries

Once the island was abandoned by the pirates, the survivors returned to what was left of their homes.

And they say that sometimes until today close to that date the cries of the beheaded woman in the Seborucal can be heard at dawn, a specter that wanders headless along the coast of Remedios.

History did not leave the crimes of the Olonés and his pirates unpunished, because later, when he entered an unexplored island, he came across an original cannibal tribe, all of whom were the new menu served on a silver platter for the natives.

In this way, the existence of one of the bloodiest pirates to sail the seas of the American continent finally came, leaving an immense wave of crimes and murders, many of them anonymous to this day.

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