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Do you want to entertain little Eleguá in a simple way and make him love it?

Guava for Eleguá

Here is how you can thank Elegguá the little warrior of the Yoruba pantheon with an adimú (offering) and talk with him about your problems.

This offering is to thank the great Eleguá for the blessings received, and ask him to open the good path in life, away from diseases, misfortunes and evils that disturb us.

Sweet Guava for Eleguá: An Addimú of your favorites

The little giant of the Osha who opens and closes paths for us, owner of our destiny both of our happiness and of unhappiness, is the one to whom you will offer this offering with your great faith, love and will.

If we need something we must turn to him and I know that he will listen to them as he always does with all his children.

It is something very simple but that will not go unnoticed, because this addimú is of your preference.


  • 3 cookies
  • Guava sweet
  • 3 Pieces or slices of Cheese
  • 1 candle
  • 3 cents

How do we prepare this favorite Eleguá offering?

Always at Elegguá, before putting something at his feet, he is served with his brandy and tobacco, preferably on Monday, which is his day.

To make this offering, you just have to take a white plate, and put the 3 cookies and on top of each one the guava sweet flake and the cheese flake.

  1. You light the candle and ask for his blessing, you give him knowledge by saying:

Elegguá here is your child (name) asking for your blessing.
Here I offer you these cookies with your favorite sweet, I hope you enjoy it and thank you for giving me your blessing every day, for protecting me and protecting me.

  1. If you need to say something to him then talk to him and make your request accurately and firmly.
  2. You will have this addimú for as long as you want, always taking into account that it does not spoil.

Remember that, if you don't like a sweet in bad condition, neither do the orishas.

What do we do with the work later?

When you withdraw your offering with 3 cents of right, you deposit it in a manigua or mount, a sacred place where habita Eleguá, there he goes among the undergrowth, with his doodle cleaning our destiny so that we don't stumble in life.

Make this work with the favorite delicacy of guava sweet for Eleguá with a lot of faith and love, you will see how everything is solved, little by little everything takes its place, let's practice patience and good character, blessings.

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