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Which Protective Guides to call in difficult and desperate moments?

Protector Guides

The same as on earth, there are various beings on the spiritual plane, and if we are not precise when invoking them to ask for help, the result received may not be the desired one.

When we need spiritual support we must bear in mind that each of our guides does not fulfill the same function because they do not have the same qualities or characteristics.

5 Protective Guides You Can Summon When You Need It

According to the mission of each spiritual guide we can entrust ourselves to them, let's meet some of the Protector Guides that protect us and can help us in times of distress.

  • The invocation can be more powerful if we light a candle in their name to give them light.

* Messenger Guides:

They are the guides that can help you when you are on the wrong path and do not know which direction to take, that is, when you are undecided in life.

These beings of light will help you by giving light and will give you enough strength to continue without fear wherever you go and that the results are what you expect.

Always keep in mind that it is important that we act with kindness, love and faith on our side so that the paths open and everything flows positively.

*Healing Guides:

You can turn to these powerful light guides when:

  • You face some kind of disease.
  • You suffer from bodily or spiritual pain.
  • You have to go to an operating table or face some medical situation.
  • You are depressed, with anguish or suffering.
  • You have any problem in your health or that of a loved one.

These beautiful beings will help you relieve your pain through their healing energies, whether they are physical pain or sentimental chest tightness.

*Spirit Guides or Guardian Angel:

These powerful spirits are always by our side and watch over us without us asking for help or comfort.

There may be occasions when we need them to enhance their help, so when you feel that you are cornered or in danger, you just have to take refuge in them and request their protection.

So great is their power and energy that when you summon them around you you will feel a much stronger protective shield.

*Master Guides:

These spirits have a great wealth of knowledge, because they have a lot of wisdom, so they can transmit their experiences and teachings to us in our lives.

They help us face various challenges in life and provide us with deep understanding so that we feel ready to lead our lives in a more practical and balanced way.

The intuition they provide us helps us make better decisions and strengthens our confidence.

*Guardian Guides:

The protection of the guardians focuses on providing their support to cross over to the other world, to the realm of the dead, that is, when we die.

These guides have the mission of facilitating the journey we undertake through the astral or spiritual world without suffering.

They are the ones who wait for us and guard us when we pass into the world of spirits.

And it is that, although each of us has a spiritual guide, apart from that guide or guardian spirit we can call these 5 beings of light or Protector Guides who will also come to our aid with faith.

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