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6 Characteristics of Gurunfinda How does this Spirit Mayombe protect?


The great sorcerer who knows all the secrets of the natural world, the one that uses herbs and their powers to ensure well-being and health, that is gurunfinda o Ngurunfinda, the God of the forest and herbs in the rule of Palo Monte.

1. Sorcerer and protector of nature in Palo Monte

Gurunfinda is a sorcerer, healer and herbalist, connoisseur of all the secrets of nature.

His deity in the Mayombe stick brings light, evolution and luck wherever he goes, and above all health.

We also pray to him that he takes the shadow of illness far from home, because the energy that he possesses in his wake sows health and well-being.

2. The religious recognize Gurunfinda by other names:

  • yambaka
  • Bhutan Seke
  • Bad face

He is also known in syncretism with the orisha of the Yoruba pantheon Osain, the owner of the mountain in the Rule of Osha or Santeria.  

3. Father of the earth and health provider

Gurunfinda is the father and owner of all the earth, he dominates the natural resources, minerals and everything related to what allows life on the planet to be maintained.

As we explained, it is the one that brings the happiness of health, which is why many request the cure of diseases.

He is asked to heal the young through the food that nature gives away, from which it is said that he draws his power.

Gururnfinda is called "Governor of health" and also "The witch who heals" and is highly revered among devotees of the Rule of Palo Monte.

4. Its representation is the sacred güiro

Its symbol is a güiro or gourd in a circular shape that hangs on top of a foundation.

It also has the Treaty of Gurunfinda, which collects herbs and their powers, employer in the different rituals of Palo Mayombe.

5. How does this deity of Palo Mayombe defend the religious?

  • His power opens paths in the various situations of the life of the religious, whether in love, money, family, and especially health, as it is a powerful healer.  
  • Provider of peace and tranquility, he opens paths and takes care of healing the sick.
  • From evil and malicious rituals he also protects his deity, destroys enemies, bad eyes, bad tongues and envies that obstruct success and prosperity.    
  • It is a deity that helps in need, provides health in sickness and joy in sadness, its light helps the helpless, because its connection with mother earth connects beings with their spirituality.

6. Gurunfinda and his syncretism in Santeria

Gurunfinda is equivalent to Orisha Ozain in the Yoruba religion, owner of the mountain and connoisseur of the secrets of herbs, sorcerer and healer, considered Nature itself.

  • Both figures are associated with Saint Anthony the Abbot as a Catholic saint.

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