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How can I talk to Yemayá on the beach? Pleas for Mother Water

Talk to Yemayá

Give me the gift of that blessing. O mighty Yemayá queen of the sea! I trust you and I come to implore your help, you who can attend everything, with my plea I promise to spread your name. Oh great Yemayá! Make my wish come true hear the cry of my heart that your help is urgent.

From the depth it ascends towards the surface, as its energy and power reaches the shores of the earth, dancing in the waves, this is how Yemayá takes the requests, offerings and sacrifices that her devotees give her with faith.

And this is a great moment to connect with the divinity of the goddess of the sea, near its salty waters, where her energy is capable of infecting us, and feeling how the universe surrenders to our feet.

The conversations that we establish from the heart with Yemayá at sea will be unique experiences, full of joy and blessings that purify our entire lives.

Yemayá is the Mother of All, whether we are religious or not

Yemayá is the womb that gave birth to us in the universe, the sacred mother, the ancestral council that whispers to us that everything will be fine, she is the willful and passionate goddess who prays for her children through thick and thin.

For the Yoruba religion, we are all children of Yemayá, since for 9 months we swim like fish in the placenta of our mothers.

The Yemayá female Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon is originally from Nigeria and moved to the American continent during the period of the slave trade along with the rest of its religions and customs.

Her character is also calamitous, and as a great warrior she does not bear injustice, less with her children on earth, for this we owe her immense respect and good behavior with our fellow men.

He is capable of sending thousands of blessings, but if it is not fulfilled he also sends the arayés (problems) so that his children learn the lesson.

Syncretism of Yemayá in Santeria

Yemayá in the Yoruba pantheon is very powerful, and on September 8 it is venerated in the Santeria or Rule of Osha, in syncretism with the Virgin of Regla, a saint who is also the owner of seas and waters.

This syncretic process developed when African slaves, when forced to convert to the Catholic religion, followed the practices of syncretism and mixed Yemayá with Santos.

Among other elements that represent her, Yemayá's main power object is an agbegbe, which consists of a large fan of peacock or duck feathers decorated with shells and mother-of-pearl.

Talking with Yemayá is connecting with her power. How do we do it?

Let us remember that the offerings to Yemayá in the sea include blue and white flowers or simply a small amount of molasses sprinkled on a plate with the fruits or foods that we wish to deliver.

The important thing is not the size of the offering but the amount of faith we put into giving it.

Even if you cannot take anything to the sea, touch its waters, ask from the heart, and it will be enough.

Talking with Yemayá can be as simple as you want, but if you want some guidelines, we leave some:

  1. Light a white or blue candle.
  2. On the shore of the beach or near the sea, focus with all your heart on your orders
  3. Close your eyes, and if you are close, touch his waters, ask him, thank him, talk to your mother.
  4. Say this beautiful prayer or your own words with great faith to invoke her.

I pray beautiful to Yemayá to venerate her at sea:

The prayer to Yemayá to ask for protection is a hymn to the mother of the sea, in which faith is expressed in a unique way, because through her we can feel its power.

Yemayá Queen of the waves, mermaid of the sea.
How beautiful is your song, my lady!
He who listens cries, mother of the waters, of the ocean, sovereign of the waters.
Give me success, progress and victory. Open my ways in love and take care of me.
May the sacred waters of the ocean wash my soul and my being.
Blessed are you, mom, my family and my friends.
Let love be our greatest source of energy.
I am your waters, your waves, and you take care of my ways.
Yemayá, I trust in your power. Thank you mother Yemayá.
For your strength, for your life, for your infinite love.

Some beautiful offerings that you can give to Yemayá at sea:

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