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Let's pause for thanks and a prayer to the Orishas

I pray to the Orishas

It is a moment of spirituality, gratitude and prayer to the Orishas, ​​an opportunity to pause and connect with mother earth, the seas, the rivers; Many think that spirituality is just clairvoyance, but it is much more than that.

Spirituality is the universe, it is connecting with the essential, everything is planned and it is NOT just talk; What you ask will be sent to you, but if you ask for it with that wonderful word called faith and agreeing with the answers that you do not expect.

Distinguish every whisper, every detail, every intuition that you have because they are warning and guiding you, but above all, be grateful for each day.

Listen to your Orishas in nature

visit mountañas and you will find Obatala; in the immense waters of the world, fresh and salty habitain our mothers Oshun y Yemaya; in the mountains they walk Elegua, oshosi y Oggun; Oyá it is the wind and oxygen that we breathe; Babalu Aye walk among the plants and Shango between the lightning and the fire.  

Remember: Don't be like a child who expects only a "yes" to his request. No one expects otherwise, but later you will reap rewards of peace and justice.

Even if you think not, they have seen your tears and will respond to your requests at the right time.

Withstand storms and then calm will come.

I pray to the Orishas

Mighty deities I beg you:

Obatala give me patience and purity of soul,

Eleguá open up the good and bad paths, but always the correct ones,

Oshosi teach me to act justly,

Oggún give me the strength that determines my character,

Yemayá teach me to value myself,

Oyá that I do not lack courage in hard times,

Ibeyis mock the bad in my life and save me,

Aggayú may you always be the stick that sustains me,

Orisha Oko may your wise advice always save me,

Olokun give me health when I need it,

Shango you are the great love that I always dreamed of, you always take care of me,

Orula give me the wisdom to make good decisions,

Babalú Ayé deliver me from all disease,

May the gift of speaking protect me and guide me,

Oshún Oh my queen Iyalorde! You give me laughter, tears, love, whatever my Queen wants, I accept it.

Maferefún the Osha in my life!

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