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Make Ebbo! 3 tips from a santera to be successful on the road.

To be successful on the road, Make Ebbo!

1. You are what you think, cultivate your thoughts.

Take care what you thinkWhat bothers you should give it a positive nuance, but if you want to get something and it is resisting, it can be an alert that it is not convenient for you to have it and you will have to choose another path.

Remember not to complain about your current situation Otherwise it will generate more negativity around you, you always receive what you attract.

Thank every day for your blessings, because of your privileges, because of what you have, it will help you to recognize that there are many good and beautiful things in your life.

2. The tongue is the punishment of the body, watch your words.

Always be careful what you talk aboutIf you do it positively, your life will flow with good things, but if you are fatalistic, so will the results.

If you have faith and awareness of your prayers, you will do it with such fervor that your wishes will be visualized as being fulfilled.

May your words always be good, the bad and the negative, don't even think about it.

Remember: the word is an arrow that you throw, and the mistakes made cannot be corrected, always think about the consequences.

In Obbara Melli it is said:

"A good language saves a people, a bad language sells a people."

3. He who makes ebbó is saved!

As good as we may be or as tight as the situation is, this is my advice: Let's do ebbó!, both to maintain the good and to overcome difficulties.

I have heard many say: but I have no money! Every day I go backwards! I do not advance! But in reality they lack a lot of faith.

Remember that the Orishas know your situationAs long as you deposit it with love and cleanse it with faith, we can do everything we set out to do.

Faith moves mountainsañas, Leave fear behind and you will get out of your bumps and keep your balance.

With our Orishas everything, without them nothing!

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