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The legend that originated the Salto del Hanabanilla Waters that provide love!


Maroya was an Indian Coming from one of the tribes that was settled in the current province of Cienfuegos, it was famous among its peers for its intelligence and beauty.

This one went down to the forest adjacent to the river every night, on several occasions it descended from the moon itself to bañaDive into the cold waters of the Hanabanilla.

The love story of India Maroya and Arimao

Hanabanilla waterfall
The waterfalls known as Saltos del Hanabanilla are the highest in Cuba

One night with a full moon, Arimao, a great warrior, surprised her while he was entering one of his baths.

The young man was struck by the beauty of the maiden who had long hair, which shone following the course of the river's waters.

That young man, bewitched by the daughter of the moon, approached him proposing love, is scared by the intruder's stalking ran and got lost in the forest.

Arimao then set out to conquer her heart and began to come to meet her every night.  

When the moon arrived, Maroya descended from it and at the slightest noise ran away.  

On one occasion the young man could not contain himself and pounced on it, a scared Maroya struggled with him asking him what his intentions were.

The maid begged him not to harm her, Arimao replied:

I will not hurt you, I only want your love.

The Indian made multiple attempts to escape, but the warrior hugged her more tightly, pressing her against his chest as if trying to melt their hearts into one.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Maroya summoned the moon and the intertwined youths began to ascend into the sky wrapped in a silver halo.

A legend was born from Maroya's hair

On the way up, the Indian woman was letting her hair fall as a trace of her presence in the river.

The hair fell between the mountainsañas, and rushed out of it a great waterfall that since then they named Salto del Hanabanilla, an aboriginal term designated to identify a small basket of gold.

The Hanabanilla, the river of love

Since then the Hanabanilla was a silent witness of the love of Maroya and Arimao, so it is the custom of lovers bañaDive into the waters of this river to make their union last forever.

A few years ago, Cienfuegos people asked this river not only for love, but also for money and good fortune, paying various offerings to its waters to achieve their mission:

  • Honey from bees,
  • spirits and
  • ripe fruits.

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