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Flour Tower with Okra for Shango «Overcoming obstacles»

Flour with Okra for Shango

Shango the warrior Osha who owns thunder and fire, the king of dances and the drum.

With his strength he achieves everything by fighting battles, he is vigilant and always ready to help his children. Have faith and trust in his blessing.

This powerful offering (Adimú) is to overcome difficulties, obstacles, and problems that we are going through in our life.

Adimú for King Shango asking for the overcoming of difficulties:

Adimú for Shango with okra
Fruit of the Okra also known as Okra

Shango loves okra and cornmealare one of his favorite dishes.

This Addimu can be put on by all his devotees, as long as faith and love are not lacking.

The religious who have received it can put it on top of the orisha as ebbó (cleaning).


  • Carita bean
  • Okra (okra)
  • Raw cornmeal
  • Corojo butter
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • White plate
  • 6 cents
  • 2 red candles

Let's make a "Little Red Flag" to win in the name of Shangó:

To make the flag that will go on top of this addimú we preferably need a small stick from the Alamo tree for the base of the flag and a piece of red fabric.

We can make this at home, it is very simple. If you do not get the poplar stick, you can use another that has powers of defeat and protection such as the Victor stick, road opener, battle victor, or laurel to name a few.

How do we prepare this powerful Offering to the Orisha Kawosile?

Carita bean
Carita bean
  1. First you must cook the carita beans, they should be well done, almost a paste.
  2. You will make the okra into small pieces with the help of a knife.
  3. When the beans are ready, añaDes okra and raw cornmeal, corojo butter, smoked jutía, smoked fish and all the elements together you begin to knead them with your own hands.
  4. When everything is well mixed you start to make a tower on the white plate, which must be firm so that it does not fall.
  5. Once the tower is made, you must insert the 6 cents in it and at the top you put the red flag smeared with corojo butter.

Let us ask Shango to help us and protect us by opening paths ...

You put the offering in front of or on top of Shango's pan, light 2 candles and ask for his blessing, you give him knowledge of who you are and what you need, talk to him how the father he is.

This offering must be 6 days at the foot of Shango and then it will go to the foot of a palm.

  • Can't find one? Well, to the mountain.

May Father Shango protect us, defend us and take care of us from all evil in the face of enemies, diseases and misfortunes of life. Ashé

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