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Odun where the conflict between brothers is born: Pataki de Otrupon Meyi

Otrupon Meyi Brothers

The frightened wildcat after having had a night of intense nightmares went to the fortune teller's house to be searched.

This one had an older brother who was the tiger, while orula consulted it Ifá warned the cat that:

He had to make an ebbó by offering his head an animal to save his brother, who was in trouble.

In addition, he assured him that, with this work, the nightmares would go away, because through these the spirits warned him of the situation of the tiger.

Pataki where the tiger was envious of his brother and wanted to harm him

The tiger, unaware of his brother's visit to Orunmila's house, went to the wise Orisha by divination.

But he was without a head and asked the Ifá oracle to advise him on how to kill his brother to eat him, in addition to this he asked him to perform many witchcraft to delay him, because deep down he was envious.

Orunmila did not give in to the tiger's wishes and when he saw that he had lost his intelligence and goodness, he indicated a prayer of the head so that at least he would regain his senses.

The tiger did not pay attention to Orula, but his brother did hear the word of Ifá

After much meditation, the tiger left his house and was recruiting the other animals through the mountains, promising that he would respect them and leave them alone if they helped him to hunt his brother.

It did not take long for the tiger to get allies, those who were in charge of bringing the wildcat the message that his brother was on his deathbed and required his presence to say goodbye.

Upon receiving the message, the wildcat was distressed, feeling very sorry for his brother, but before leaving his house he performed the ebbo that Orula had marked him and with distrust of the tiger, he set out to meet him.

Thanking Orula for his advice, DO NOT trust anyone!

When the cat arrived at his brother's house, he found the animals mourning the tiger, a fact that seemed very strange, since the tiger, given its antisocial and aggressive way of being, had no friends.

When the cat was in front of his brother, looking into his eyes, he understood that he was lying.

Then he was able to read in his deranged and bloodthirsty gaze what he wanted, and little by little without raising suspicions he approached the door and in a carelessness of the animals that guarded the entrance he fled from there, thanking Orunmila while he ran who had indicated that he should not trust anyone.

Sometimes it is too late to make amends!

When the tiger knew he was defeated, he pounced on the animals, unleashing a great massacre in his house. As the days went by, the tiger regained his sanity, but it was too late to try to repair the damage caused.

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