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The Lucky Horseshoe ≫ Its history and meaning as an Amulet

Horse shoe for good luck

The Lucky Horseshoe It is a very popular magic item in various cultures and religions around the world.

It is believed that this tool is capable of preventing the occurrence of evil phenomena and misfortunes, so it is placed behind the doors of the houses or on the frame of the same in order to obtain divine protection.

This semilunar object is closely related to horses, animals endowed with strength, spirituality and positive energy, virtues with which the horseshoe is astrally impregnated.

The Legend of the Horseshoe of Good Fortune.

The history of the lucky horseshoe

An ancient story relates that about the tenth century, a creature of grotesque and abominable appearance appeared before the abode of Dunstan, a blacksmith who habitaba in Canterbury.

This unexpected apparition asked the worker to urgently put horseshoes on his hooves to relieve his limbs from the fatigue of the road and provide him with protection.

Young Dunstan was not given much confidence by said creature of human and animal appearance at the same time, which he associated with an apparition of the demon himself, so he took his working instruments and tried to drive the horseshoe so hard on the hooves in order to to chase him away and never come back.

As a result of this event, the horseshoe began to be venerated as an object capable of definitively driving away the forces of evil.

The horseshoe is an effective amulet against the forces of evil.

How the lucky horseshoe is placed
Horseshoe on the door with its spikes up

The belief that the horseshoe is a powerful amulet against the forces of evil has grown and evolved with society, who have placed their faith in this object by performing multiple spells and invocations in order to obtain protection and good fortune.

How is the lucky horseshoe attached?

Horseshoes They are placed with their tips upwards because it is believed that this is the only way that the bad energies that haunt the home are imprisoned inside the semicircle.

The Lucky Horseshoe is an esoteric element capable of eradicating the evil eye.

Some believers claim that the metal horseshoe is capable of driving away the evil eye offering protection against this ailment.

What is the horseshoe for as an amulet?

It is believed that the bad vibes that the evil eye produces are kidnapped in the same way inside the horseshoe, which is why on certain occasions a red ribbon is attached to the horseshoe to scare the evil eye and that it remains banished forever from the abode where the piece of metal is.

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