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The Tools of Obatala and their meaning in the Yoruba religion

Obatala tools

Obatala He is a very powerful African deity, this saint personifies the power of thought and the virtue of attraction based on him, he is the Orisha owner of the purity of souls and the only one capable of propitiating man with the gift of intelligence.

This deity habita in a silver or white porcelain receptacle, inside it is made up of its stones and tools, among which we can mention:

  • the snake,
  • the paoyé,
  • la cascarilla y
  • the half moon to name a few of them.

The crown of parrot feathers

Crown of the orisha Obatalá

The crown of Obatala it is one of the few tools of the saint that is placed outside its receptacle.

This is a controversial element since there are many versions regarding its representation, some religious houses make it of cloth and sequins, others require it of metal, while for the latter only cotton is required.

Although it should be noted that all these versions of Baba's crown have one element in common and that is the presence in it of parrot feathers, a sacred animal within the Osha that served as a messenger to Obatala in many of the vicissitudes of his destiny.

The attributes that represent the Orisha Obatala

Obatalá soup tureen

Depending on the avatar of Obatalá that is represented, there will be some peculiarities regarding its tools, for example ayaguna It requires among its instruments a saber, as this is the flagship weapon used in its defense.

The snake in the Obatala tureen

The serpent represents intelligence, a virtue of which this saint is the owner.

In turn, it reflects through this animal the medical powers and its ability to heal human beings.

The half Moon

It symbolizes the change of things, the bad moments that with the passage of time are forgotten and become good, or the good ones that due to bad decisions turn into misfortunes.

This figure reflects the stars and celestial bodies on which the Orisha exerts influence and draws energy, hence the reason that his children owe them respect and ask for his blessing every day.

The Paoyé

Represents the hand that rests on a cane, this element reflects the support that the saint represents for the human being.

It indicates the stability of the person who receives it in order to obtain health and a seat in life. 

This saint also carries among his tools:

  • Two wooden or glass eggs that represent the offspring,
  • a sun embodies the energy and importance of a fresh start every day and
  • the Iruke which is the white horsetail that the santero uses to clean, an instrument that is placed outside the tureen.

Rituals on behalf of the Orisha Obatala:

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