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Paradise, Sacred Herb of Shango ≫ Do you know its Mysteries?

Santeria paradise herb

The Paradise is one of the main ewes (herbs) of Kawo Sile, the Orisha who owns the festival and the candle, this is considered by the Yorubas as an extremely powerful herb, which must be treated with respect, as it possesses in its roots many secrets belonging to the Osha (Santeria) and the Rule of the Stick. Mayombe.

Its use dates back to the first religious ceremonies that were celebrated on earth, where the omiero made with Paradise was consecrated as sacred and began to be used by man as a healing element for their physical and spiritual ailments.

The best days of the week to work with this plant are Mondays and Fridays, as it is believed that they are the right occasions for the herb to provide the maximum of its magical and energetic properties.

The religious rely on Paradise to obtain good fortune, economic development, prosperity and health. It is common to find this herb in the altars that are made to Osain del Monte as this Orisha is a wise connoisseur of its virtues.

The Secret of the Paradise Gathering.

Paradise grass

The gathering of paradise holds many mysteries within itself. It is necessary to take the segments by pressing them upwards, while talking with the plant, to which it is said:

"Paradise, just as you are tall and leafy, give me strength and make me grow and rise in this life."

Taking this ancient herb requires a lot of faith, as this will be the only tool capable of activating the religious powers of the plant.

Its collection must be carried out before six in the afternoon while the sun reigns in the sky, because in this way the blessing of Olodumare is obtained.

Paradise is used as a ritual element.

Through Paradise strong invocations are made, these are often related to Kawó Silé Orisha to whom the virtues of this plant are owed.

Stripping spaces ...

When the religious wishes to despoil his house, he takes some segments of paradise which they hold with a red strap, taking the herbs with his left hand, he cleans each corner while singing prayers to Shango.

To prevent the forces of evil from penetrating into the house, some branches of paradise are hung behind the main door.

This herb is consecrated with brandy and tobacco smoke every week, it should be left there to fulfill the function of a magical barrier against spirits and negative influences that wish to torment humans.abitabefore the abode.

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