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Ritual Cleaning at Home ≫ with Mint and Good Herb

Peppermint and mint

Peppermint and Peppermint they are two very powerful energy plants. These have the virtues of attracting good fortune and development to the home.

With both herbs you can develop ritual cleansing and astral purification baths in order to eliminate negative energies and bad vibrations. 

Mint: magical herb that has multiple properties.

Rituals with mint
Peppermint Plant (Mentha piperita)

The Mint It favors the conciliation of sleep, when the person suffers from insomnia takes some mint branches and places them near the head of the bed or under the pillow and thus achieves the rest that he needs to regain energy for the new day.

This shrub has medicinal properties as well as energy.

Driving away negative energies with this Ritual of Power Plants

An effective ritual to purify the house of bad vibes and attract fortune is to prepare a cleaning with mint water.

  • For this, the mint leaves are introduced in a container with water and they are macerated until the water changes its tone and is tinted with the juice of the leaves.
  • Later the preparation is strained and the whole house is cleaned with this liquid.

A high percent of the effectiveness of this ceremony will lie in the faith with which it is performed.

Cleansing with Good Grass to attract development.

Rituals with peppermint
Peppermint plant (Mentha spicata)

The Good Grass It is a plant that has been used over the years for commercial purposes, its presence in the preparation of cocktails standing out.

It should be noted that this herb has very important magical and energetic properties.

There are numerous jobs to do with the Good Grass, among these are the purification baths and ritual cleanings.

Peppermint bath

To prepare a bath with Good Grass you only need the stem and leaves of the plant.

  1. These are placed in a container and are carefully macerated.
  2. Once the grass and the water have been well integrated, the mixture is strained, it can be añasay eau de cologne.
  3. This preparation is used from the neck down, it is a ritual that can be performed once a week.

Ritual with peppermint to clean the house

If the religious wishes to perform a ritual cleansing with this herb, he must carry out the same procedure.

Take the plant except for the root and macerate it integrating it with the water, then you must strain it.

Once this procedure has been carried out, the mixture begins to spread from back to front throughout the house, ending at the door of the home.

At the same time that the water is spreading, it is asking that development, health and that all blessings come to the home and that the family always remain united and in harmony. 

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