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The Herbs with which the Deity Babalú Ayé works to heal the World

Herbs Babalú Ayé

Babalu Aye She is a miraculous deity within the Santeria Rule, she is known for her gifts of healing and mercy, which she pours out on those most in need.

This saint receives great worship throughout the island of Cuba, his faithful have immortalized him as the sweet consolation for their afflictions, many come to him to pray under his Christian representation as Saint Lazarus while others pay homage to him under the Asojano name, Yoruba identification under which this Orisha is differentiated.

Powerful plants that possess the Ashé of the Orisha Babalú Ayé

Babalú Ayé herbs that heal

Open the way:

El Abre Camino is the Babalú Ayé plant that is used to prepare polishing baths for people who have closed roads, who have problems moving their projects forward or who want to achieve a certain social position that has been held up to now. seen truncated by avatars of fate.

Acacia, White Paradise or Moringa:

This plant has great uniqueness due to the wide variety of uses that it has, those that include the culinary, medicinal and religious sectors.

The omiero that is made with the leaves of this plant is capable of attracting true love in the blink of an eye.

Purple basil:

The Purple Basil is a very popular herb within the Rule of Santeria.

It is used for its strong spiritual gifts in:

  • shiny baths to attract good luck,
  • strip away or ward off bad influences,
  • eradicate the evil eye and
  • ward off evil spirits.

This plant is not only related to Asojano because with this the omiero seat of the Orisha is also made. Oyá Yansa.

Bitter Broom:

This herb is one of the most used by Babalú Ayé in his ceremonies, with it spiritual purification baths are prepared, the religious must be careful not to ingest it as it is considered toxic to a certain degree.

The Bitter Broom brings joy to the home and favors the obtaining of material and intellectual goods, one of its greatest virtues being the power it exercises in the regeneration of thought.

Aniseed Caisimón:

The Caisimón de Anís is a purifying herb par excellence, it is used in the realization of omieros for spiritual cleansing, bathing and washing.

With this, the home is sanctified in the name of Saint Lazarus in order to ward off the influence of infectious-contagious diseases on the home and its inhabitants.

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