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5 Ritual Herbs of the Asojano Healer that cleanse the Diseases

Babalú Ayé herbs

Asojano is the Yoruba deity that governs infectious-contagious diseases, with Leprosy being the most renowned entity related to this saint.

It is known under other names among which we can mention Babalu Aye and Saint Lazarus, deity with which it has been syncretized in the Catholic Religion.

Powerful herbal healer: Babalú Ayé

Caña brava is a herb from Babalú Ayé
the Caña Brava is a plant of Babalú Ayé

Babalú Ayé is an effective healer The one who uses the power of plants and their energy to heal the sick, this Orisha works with remedies made from vinegar, dry wine and honey.

Among its foundation herbs we find the caña brava, the cojate, the lemon balm, the shirt breaker and the millet plants that it requires to culminate its saintly ceremonies.   

1. the Caña Brava is the herb of family union.

the Caña Brava It is a sacred herb for Asojano, as this Ewe (herb) was consecrated by himself to his mother Nana Burukú, the goddess of spirituality.

With the caña brava numerous rituals are performed, among which those linked to harmony and family union stand out.

2. El Cojate is the stripper Ewe of Babalú Ayé.

the fuck It is an Ewe with great virtues, this is popular among other herbs for having a special energy that is related to triumph and ambition.

This plant also known under the name of Colonia is able to ward off the eggunsespecially those who roam the earth disturbing the religious.

With its leaves rituals are performed to purify the house and expel negative energies. 

3. Melissa and its healing virtues.

Melissa It is a plant with multiple medicinal properties, among which the compensation of psychiatric illnesses stands out.

With this Ewe an omiero is made with which the house is cleaned in order to promote peace and good sleep.

4. The Shirtbreaker is used by Asojano to pick up the bad.

When the santero speaks of gathering herbs, he cannot fail to mention the "Break shirt", this herb is closely linked with Asojano as this is the deity that governs it.

With its branches the santero cleans and collects, prepares polishing baths and removes any trace of disturbance from the house.

5. Millo is an herb of noble virtues.

The Millo It is a plant capable of preventing disease from entering a house, freeing its inhabitants from disease through this action.

For this, the santero must tie a mallet of this herb with a red ribbon, which will hang behind the door of the ilé (house).

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