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8 Herbs used by the Great Changó to War and Win

Changó herbs

Kawo SileThe Orisha who wears white and red is a very powerful and fundamental deity within the Yoruba Religion, it is established as one of the seven African powers.

Strong plants that have the Don and Ashé de Chango

Plants of Shangó Caña of sugar

In the realization of his ceremonies he uses numerous herbs that have special gifts, some of these are used by the deity in the making of wards while others are required to break hexes.

1. Bull's-eye:

Very powerful wards are made with this plant, capable of providing luck, health and protection.

This herb is ideal in the realization of recollection ceremonies. The seed called Ox Eye is considered an essential attribute in Shango.

2. Small:

When the religious needs to escape from justice, he invokes the help of Shango through this herb, in order to escape the judicial process unscathed.

Yarey is used to make hats, an object that can be paid to the Orisha who owns the Bata drums as an offering.

3. Purple Canutillo:

Shangó uses the purple Canutillo in the performance of rituals of spiritual purification through the realization of an omiero, a ceremonial liquid with which the religious bathes himself.añará always respecting the head.

4. dragon fruit:

The Pitahaya is a white mass fruit that has multiple seeds, this is one of the favorite offerings of Shango la that is placed in number of 6.

With the plant that gives rise to the pitahaya, the god of thunder makes invocations.

5. Sea tomato:

With the Tomato de Mar, the santero makes talismans blessed under the virtue of Shango, this plant is peculiar and also keeps a close link with Yemayá who uses it during his consecrations.

6. Jobo:

The jobo is a sacred tree, this is the house of the jutía, an animal of foundation within the Santeria Rule for which special respect is owed to it.

  • With the omiero that is made with the Jobo the otas (stones) of Shango are washed,
  • the fruit of this tree is paid to the god of the guayabera,
  • its wood gives life to the shelters through which Shangó offers protection to his children. 

7. Caña of sugar:

the Caña Sugar is a plant loved by all the Orishas, ​​especially by Shangó.

This cut into a plate is considered one of the best addimús (offerings) that can be offered to the Orisha who wears red and white.

8. Yaya:

The Yaya tree is used in the Mayombe stick to do work with the spirits of the dead and to wage war.

The leaves are used to prepare spiritual or polishing baths, which are invoked under the blessing of Kawó Silé.

Powerful works and rituals that you can do on behalf of the Orisha Chango:

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