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4 Herbs from the mountain that OggĂșn the Orisha Guerrero uses in his Rituals

OggĂșn herbs

Oggun represents work and sacrifice, personifies the strong and stubborn man who offers protection and sustenance in the home.

This deity is a foundation saint, who embodies one of the seven African powers.

He is also known for being part of the Warrior Orishas, ​​OggĂșn specifically protects during surgical interventions by being the owner of the operating room and patron saint of surgeons.

Iron is its foundation metal, with this all work instruments are made, which is why this Orisha is considered as the ruler of the labor sector.

They come before him to pray for health, obtaining work and the expiration of causes and difficulties.

Herbs with great magical and healing properties:

Herbs and rituals of OggĂșn
Prickly pear and beef tongue

Oggun habita on the line of the railway and the mountain, surrounded by vegetation and animals, for which he is considered a great connoisseur of herbs and their magical and healing properties, this deity uses ewes (herbs) in the performance of his rituals.

1. La Tuna Brava, Ewe with whom enemies are fought.

The tuna It is a plant that has many virtues, among these, its main power to ward off enemies stands out.

Ritual with this powerful herb against the enemy:

  1. A prickly pear branch is taken and a discreet cut is made.
  2. In this the name of the enemies is deposited.
  3. It is tied with a red ribbon and hung behind the front door of the house.

2. Remove curse a purifying herb.

This plant is used to remove the evil eye and curses through polishing baths where the liquid is applied respecting the head.

  • This preparation can be used in the execution of cleaning at home.   

3. For me, a plant that attracts the positive.

The "For me" It is a very powerful herb, it has the power to influence development and will go and attract it to the person who needs it.

  • For this, the religious should take lustrales baths with the omiero that is made as a result of this Ewe.

4. Tongue of the Cow is the herb that drives away gossip.

The Tongue of the Cow is a striking herb to the human eye due to its peculiar shape.

Through this OggĂșn indicates a very simple but effective work against gossip and slander.

  1. The religious should take a leaf of said plant to which he will spread corojo butter.
  2. Later he will place it inside OggĂșn's cauldron.

Through this action the Orisha will remove the envy and comments that haunt the person from his path.

Other rituals on behalf of the owner of Mount OggĂșn:

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