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4 Herbs with which Orunmila "The great Oracle of Ifá" creates Amulets

Orula herbs

When Yoruba history mentions the gifts of intelligence and wisdom, the santero thinks without hesitation orunmila the great fortune-teller of Ifá, as this is the deity whom Olodumare commissioned the preservation and promotion of such high assets, with the direct objective of the Orisha guiding the steps of human beings in their wanderings through the plane of the earth, being the indicated deity to guide man on how to overcome adversity and move away misfortune.

Ewes of Orula with powerful virtues:

Orunmila herbs
Astronomy Plants, Copey and Arcediana.

Among the multiple attributes that it possesses to carry out the execution of its ceremonies are the ewes or herbs, among these we can mention:

  • the arcediana,
  • the olive,
  • the astronomy,
  • the copey and
  • el cundeamor to mention a few examples.

Each of these plants has a specific virtue, which makes it worthy of indistinctly starring in the religious rituals that are invoked in the name of Orula.

Acedian it is the herb of wisdom.

The Acediana is a plant possessing special qualities, this is also known under the name of Arcediana.

With this Ewe an amulet is made that makes it easier for the speaker to speak in order to make them talkative when expressing their thoughts.

In the same way, this shelter provides the courage and bravery necessary to face the vicissitudes of destiny, especially those that occur unexpectedly.

The Aceitunillo is the Ewe of the winner.

Aceitunillo is a highly coveted herb within Osha, which is why it is not uncommon to find it at high prices in the market.

With this Ewe a powerful shelter is made which is capable of attracting success, for which the Aceitunillo is known as the herb of the winner.

Astronomy is an energy plant.

Astronomy is an Ewe endowed with strong energy currents, which is why it is frequent to see it involved in carrying out spiritual purifications at home.

With astronomy amulets are made for sailors and other workers in the maritime-port sector, this gives them protection.

The Copey is the herb of justice.

With the Copey many battles are won, among which stand out the lawsuits and conflicts by third parties.

With this Ewe an amulet is prepared with which the person involved will access the court, with the help of this herb fair litigation is won.

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