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Do you know the Herbs that save the Children of Oshun? 7 floors

Herbs of OshĂșn.

Oshun It is the most beautiful Orisha that exists within the Yoruba Pantheon, so much so that it has been called by historians the African Venus.

This saint is the owner of the honey of bees, the femininity and the happiness. She is considered the lady of the rivers and is the patron saint of fertility.

His children are cheerful and talkative, in them sympathy and good taste stand out.

7 Sacred herbs that the Goddess OshĂșn uses to save:

Oshun Parsley

One of the tools that the Orisha uses to rid themselves of the osogbos is through the use of their sacred herbs.

1. Zapote Office:

The Sapote is used in order to block the spells in which the person can be involved.

It is essential in the realization of the omieros of OshĂșn, magical liquid that the deity blesses so that it can be used in the execution of polishing baths, where the head must always be respected.

2. Vetiver:

Vetiver is the plant indicated to attract good luck, with its leaves an omiero is made, which is añaof honey, with this preparation the santero is baña for five days.

3. Vanilla:

Vanilla is an Ewe (herb) used by OshĂșn for the consecration of amulets, it is common for their children to use Vanilla in their fragrances in order to attract happiness to their lives.

4. Parsley:

This herb is used in the realization of spiritual baths or offal as it is a fresh plant.

With Parsley, rituals are carried out to obtain certain benefits, among these are jobs to obtain a job, to attract luck, to succeed in business and to eliminate the evil eye and negative energies.

5. Queen's Zapatico:

With the Queen's Zapatico, baths are carried out to eliminate bad influences and eradicate negative energies.

With this plant they are blessed and amulets are prepared to obtain economic development.

6. Palo senorita or Maiden's blood:

With the Palo Señorita, protective amulets are prepared, this herb is very useful in the development of love enchantments.

It is used in cleaning when the environment in the house becomes heavy and the energies do not flow well.

7. Do not forget me:

Do not forget me is a very powerful stick, with it sorceries are developed in order to seek love.

It is believed that it should only be used if the feeling is true, otherwise the consequences can be fatal.

Works, offerings and rituals on behalf of the Goddess OshĂșn:

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