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Ozain herbs for bad energies and bad eyes

Osain Herbs

Within the Yoruba religion Osain (Ozain) is the Orisha owner of all herbs, doctor and great connoisseur of the properties of plants. With its herbs it gives us everything we need to live.

The ancient power of plants (Ewes) in our religion:

The Osainists Sons of Osain

In the Yoruba religion there are many herbs that are used to spoil, ward off hexes or attract positive energies to our life by overcoming the negative that we collect or send us.

We must be very careful when buying plants, sticks and herbs for holy work, if we do not have the knowledge it will be necessary to go to the right people and places, without making a mistake, because some plants are benign and others are malignant.

In the Yoruba language the word "Ewe" has several meanings, in this post it has been used in two different contexts, according to our Glossary:

  1. It is a prohibition (it can refer to certain habits that are prohibited to a person on the day of his itá).
  2. It is also used to refer to the plants, herbs and palos de monte that are used in Santeria ceremonies.

The osainists: connoisseurs of Ozain's legacy and secrets.

For the osainistas (Children of Ozain), knowing the plants is an art, they dominate the mountain and its secrets, connoisseurs of plants, vines and herbs of each saint.

Teachers who celebrate certain rites, connect with Mother Nature and ask permission when entering to converse with herbs, because these are carriers of spirits and they must be given knowledge of their use and pay their rights so that Ozain gives them all his Ashe. 

Two plants to ward off the negative:

Basil for bad eyes
Basil Plant

Plant to ward off bad energies:

One of them and very effective is the plant called "rue", always have it planted, for example, at the entrance of your house. This plant wards off bad influences and also does not allow evil spirits to enter the house.

Basil to ward off bad eyes:

Another excellent plant is basil, good for bad eyes and unwanted spirits that are not yet developed and sent to do evil.

It is very important to know that before taking baths and offal, never use them without consulting and asking, because there are people who have ewes (prohibition) and far from doing you good they can harm you.

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