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La Siguaraya and El Rompe Saragüey the foundation sticks of Kawó Silé

Shango herbs

Between the strong clubs that Kawó Silé works with Siguaraya and Rompe Saragüey stand out.

These are characterized by being trunks of great spiritual strength, which the santero uses in order to carry out his work and invocations on the Orisha who owns the candle.

Herbs of the Orisha Shango

Whenever the religious is going to use one of these herbs, he must first ask for the blessing and permission of the Orisha Shango who will authorize the taking of these.

Otherwise, the grass will be devoid of the virtues of the god of thunder, who could take offense and take the act as a contempt of his authority.

The Siguaraya the stick that possesses the gift of the Seven African Powers.

The Siguaraya

Trichilia havanensis jacq is the scientific name under which it is identified the Siguaraya, base stick used in multiple ceremonies of the Yoruba Pantheon.

This tree is indigenous to the American continent where its use as a religious and industrial element has spread.

The Pataki relates that in the Siguaraya dwells the spirit of the Seven African Powers so it is considered a sacred tree within the Osha.

The Siguaraya is the Kawó Silé tree for what is known in the Rule of Palo Mayombe as Seven rays.

Among its virtues is its gift of opening paths and attracting good luck for those who use it, it is considered a strong stick to defeat and dominate enemies.

Its branches are an essential ingredient in the ceremonies that are convened in order to establish pacts with Shango, especially those that are carried out mediating conflicts between people and properties.

The Rompe Saragüey is the tree capable of driving away curses.

Rompe Saragüey leaves
Rompe Saragüey leaves

The Rompe Saragüey It is a very popular stick within the Osha, its leaves are used in the preparation of omieros that will later be used in ritual cleansing and purification baths.

With segments of Rompe Saragüey spoils and recollections are carried out in religious houses, as this herb is capable of driving away dark spirits and harmful influences by itself.

This is one of the favorite woods of Shango, the Orisha who owns the Batá Drums, because by its presence it is impossible to penetrate any hex inside the ilé (house) that has a cross made with this wood behind its main door .

The Rompe Saragüey is used in rituals together with other sticks, because its spiritual strength is capable of enhancing the virtues of the other woods, making the final result of the work done effective.

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