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5 Ewes that Yemayá works, Orisha Enchantress that protects from evil

Yemayá herbs

Yemaya She is the mother of all humans, she is the deity composed of reef and sea foam, she is one of the most powerful and revered saints on the Yoruba land.

Her virtues are infinite, among these stands out her goodness and dedication in everything she does. Yemayá is a protective mother who always seeks the good of her children above all else.

This saint is very smart and cunning, so much so that she acquired the ability to consult using the dashboard. orunmila.

Herbs that Yemayá uses to prepare strong spells

Malanga leaf Yemayá plant
Malanga leaf, Yemayá plant

She is an experienced sorceress, the powders and spells that she prepares are hardly defeated, for this purpose she uses numerous herbs (ewes) among which we can mention:

  • the Verbena,
  • the gummy grape,
  • the Tua Tua,
  • the prodigious and
  • Malanga among others.

1. Verbena is a protective Ewe.

Verbena is one of the strong herbs of Yemayá, with this the saint makes a very powerful talisman that protects from all evil.

It is believed that the religious who carries it will be free to collect any type of curse.

Sowing Verbena in the garden of the house will remove all the bad things from the house, preventing the entry of any dark spirit or osogbo.

2. The Gummy Grape is a purifying herb.

The Gummy Grape is a plant of great virtues.

With this, the initiation omiero of the reef Orisha is made, with which various holy ceremonies are developed, including the consecration of the attributes of the deity, with said omiero spiritual purification baths can be carried out.

3. The Tua Tua is the plant that Yemayá requires to carry out consecrations.

With the help of the Tua Tua Yemayá he consecrates his attributes and ritual objects.

This herb is useful to develop rituals of spiritual purification or spoils in the house. He is one of the Ewes that should not be missing in the house of the religious.

4. The virtues of the Prodigious or Always alive.

With the Prodigiosa, seating omieros are made for the Osha, when the santero needs to refresh his lerí (head) he places head prayers with Always alive. As this plant possesses the virtue of serenity and tranquility, this ceremony brings mental health and seat to the life of the person involved.

5. The Malanga working instrument of the Orisha Yemayá.

The Malanga is not only liked in the food of Yemayá, because the saint uses them in her ceremonies, with this she creates talismans, performs omieros for cleansing and consecrations and relies on its leaves to create spells.  

Works and rituals on behalf of Yemayá:

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