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10 Herbs with spiritual powers to do Good

Spiritual herbs

La yoruba religion gives us many ancient secrets that include the use of tools of nature itself. And above all, we must know that plants have their own spiritual powers and many represent the forces of the Orishas.

Therefore, if we learn to use herbs, we will have an important knowledge base and a line of communication with the deities.

The herbs that represent each Orisha are multiple and each one has uses and properties, for example, they are medicinal and healing, spiritual and nutritional.

Plants also have ancestral powers, they are used in offerings, cleansings, charges, amulets, protections, spiritual baths. In addition, they have many properties to entertain Orishas and spirits in ceremonies, rituals and spoils.

Herbs of spiritual protection

We now present a selection of plants and herbs with great spiritual secrets to do good, which help protection and healing.

1. rompezaragüey

  • Scientific name: Eupatorium odoratum
  • From the Lucumi language: Tabaté and from the Congo: Ntema dián funda

The Rompezaragüey represents the Yoruba deity Monkey, is one of the most popular that belong to this Osha.

It is a powerful herb for spiritual cleansing, it is used in waste and purification of the home, it is often said: "the zaragüey breaker removes saltiness and witchcraft."

It is also known as “Quita-Curse”, and it is very common in Cuba and the Americas.

It can be used by placing its branches in the shape of a cross behind the door and drawing another cross below with cocoa butter to protect the home from bad energies. It is also a plant widely used in offal and in personal protection.

2. Marjoram

  • Origanum marjorana

It is the representative plant of Oshun, Elegguá and Obatala.

When the marjoram grows in abundance, it is an omen of prosperity, and if instead it withers, we must consult quickly because it indicates that it is collecting our dark energies or that something will go wrong. A branch, by itself, can become an amulet (iggidé) and must always be carried in your pocket.

Its medicinal properties are as an antispasmodic and to help women in labor.

3. Road opener

  • Koanophyllon villosum

Belonging to Elegua, orisha owner of the roads and destiny. The Pathfinder is a small wild bush with aromatic leaves, used in spiritual baths to communicate with the deities when problems affect us.

Amulets are prepared with this plant, it is used for dispossession baths and to attract luck, it opens paths as its name implies, and it is very useful in cleaning and cleaning the home.

4. Cinnamon from the bush

  • Cinnamomun Cassia
  • Lucumí: Iggi Epó kan, Dédé Congo

Cinnamon is the representative plant of the Orisha Oshun, ideal for its incredible spiritual and medicinal uses. It is a spice that is used in different culinary preparations for its intense smell and flavor.

But, in addition, cinnamon has great medicinal properties and is used in patients with diabetes, it opens the appetite, reduces aerophagia and acidity and helps in the treatment of colds and respiratory problems.

Cinnamon also has a powerful spiritual concept, generates attraction and is widely used in the Yoruba religion in works to clean houses, to attract good luck and to ward off evil spirits.

5. Sandbox

  • Crepitan hurricane
  • Lucumi: Ewe Gunna, Arónica

It is a Shango plant, with it it must be cleaned when a dead person leaves the house or when family and friends return from the burial, to prevent the bad energies of illness and death from remaining in the home.

The boiled leaves of this plant also serve as an emetic and is an important relaxant.

6. Scare the Dead

As its name indicates, this plant is very spiritual and is used in baths against Iku, the Yoruba messenger of death, and against bad spiritual energy and the evil eye.

The plant eliminates bad luck and, accompaniedañada del Quitamaldición, the Rompezaragüey and a spoonful of rice, are boiled to be used in three spiritual baths to eliminate bad energies.

After taking these baths, the herbs are taken out and left next to a palm.

7. Immortelle

The immortelle is a plant with high healing properties for the capillaries and other parts of the circulatory system. It can also relieve stomach discomfort, and supports the stimulation of digestive processes.

The Immortelle is also credited with the power to reduce the stress of the space in which its branches are located.

For the Yoruba, the Immortelle is the representative plant of Obatalá, Añá, Ochosi and Oduduwa. And it is used in rituals to eliminate negative energies and attract economic prosperity. It is also included in spiritual baths, Omieros (spiritual water prepared with herbs) and for making amulets.

8. Sunflower

  • Helianthus annunas
  • Lucumí: Kékuoro, Orúnifé, Yenkemí and Congo: Yóngoso, Tangó

The sunflower is a plant with many healing properties. It is an expectorant that is used in preparations against fever, cough, colds, and many other health problems.

In the Yoruba religion it is the representative plant of Oshún and it is one of the best offerings destined to the Orisha, to ask her for her blessings for love, health and prosperity.

Its flowers are used in spiritual baths and as an offering for the goddess, to establish direct communication with her.


  • verbena officinalis
  • Lucumi: Ewe oeukan, Orrioyo

It is the plant par excellence of Yemaya, which according to the legends frightens the most dangerous creatures of the dark.

Verbena has important medicinal uses since the cooking of its leaves serves as an emetic and its sap, with olive oil, is used in hair care.

It is said that, if it is collected on June 24, at dawn and allowed to dry and then attached to the heart of a swallow, it provides a talisman that serves to make incredible requests and to protect us.

10. rue

  • Chalepensis route
  • Lucumi: Atopá kun 

Rue is the Changó plant and is very important for its medicinal uses and the spiritual powers that are attributed to it.

The plant protects the capillaries, increases blood circulation, reduces stress and anxiety and calms pain.

Regarding its spiritual use, rue is used in the Yoruba religion for cleansing, dispossession, to make the omiero of the Orishas etc., it has powers that eliminate negative energies and attract prosperity.

If you plant a rue plant in your garden, or have one near the entrance of your house, it becomes a powerful protective amulet, capable of collecting all the bad that will enter your home.

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