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The Sacred Herbs of Ogunda Meyi: Myrrh and Peregún

Ogunda Meji Herbs

In this sign it is taboo:

  • The consumption of breadfruit,
  • the rooster,
  • alcoholic beverages,
  • cassava,
  • Lobster,
  • no pits are jumped or holes are opened.

What meaning do these plants have in the Osha?

The sacred herbs of the sign They are the myrrh and the peregún.

The latter is one of the ewes (plants) of the Yoruba deity Oggún, with this herb the orisha, owner of the iron, works and overcomes his purposes, The orisha is placed inside its cauldron to:

  • defeat the enemies,
  • the wars and
  • combat witchcraft.

the pilgrim It cannot be missing when this deity is born inside the saint's room, it is attributed the power to attract money and prosperity.

the myrrh, a plant that is also born in this odun, is an ancient herb that has been used by various cultures.

As described in the Bible, the three wise men brought as a gift to the baby Jesus, incense, myrrh and gold.

The myrrh represents for the religious people:

  • healing,
  • purification and
  • the renewal of man.

The omiero of myrrh It is used in the Yoruba pantheon so that the individual is reborn, cleanses his astral, gains better opportunities and can have a better life.

Both the peregún and the myrrh They are herbs of great power that save Ogunda Meyi, and also have aphrodisiac properties.

Ogunda Meyi is a sign of evolution where the person obtains his purposes and is victorious in his wars.

In this odun Orunmila defeated death by making ebbó, that is why the person is recommended to make ebbó at the foot of the Ifá diviner so that he will go and not bear.

What does the odun Ogunda Meyi advise the religious?

1. Ifá says: take a straight path and you will have no setbacks

In this Ifá because of man's virility, the woman may suffer damage concerning the reproductive system.

It's recommended have a responsible and healthy sexuality.

Orula says that:

As long as man follows a straight path, he will have no setbacks in life, in this odun justice is respected and illegalities are avoided.

2. Live in neatness and you will find your luck

Ogunda Meyi marks the person who must be clear in life, taking into account what you really want to do and obtain so that you do not suffer from making bad decisions later.

In the neatness that the religious has as a person will be your luck.

In this odun Man cannot be a slave to anything or anyone.You must live independently and without pressure.

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