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7 Curiosities about the Daughters of Oshún The beautiful crown of Iyalorde!

Daughters of Oshún characteristics

The daughters of Oshún with their characteristic laughter they flood the places where they are with joy.

They are flirtatious, like to dress well and do not tolerate going anywhere untidy.

When they get upset they are fearsome and will not find peace until they have avenged the wrong they suffered.

Some characteristics that define the beautiful Daughters of Oshún:

1. The descendants of Oshún never take a wrong step

Their personality is loving, but they know how to set limits, when they say no to something it is better not to insist, because you will not get anything from them unless they want it to be so.

The descendants of Oshún never take a wrong step and do not admit defeat easily, as mediocrity is definitely not an option for them.

2. Never disappoint a daughter of Oshún

A daughter of Oshún knows how to love and give herself completely, even sacrificing herself and doing the impossible to see the people they love happy.

They are lovers of children who they favor by covering up their antics.

Never disappoint a daughter of Oshún, because with the same intensity that they can love knowing how to put feelings aside and substitute affection for contempt.

3. The smile will be the shield behind which they will hide their sorrows

The descendants of Oshún do not forgive easily and once you have broken their trust it will be practically impossible for you to recover it again.

The smile will be the shield behind which they will hide their sorrows, because they will never let the world see them sad or destroyed.

A daughter of Oshún does not offer her tears to just anyone because not everyone deserves such a privilege.

4. You must not neglect an Oshuncita

Once you crown Oshún, tranquility comes into your life and you begin to see the world from new angles.

You should not neglect an Oshuncita because if you offer little attention they will feel abandoned, while if you take away their privacy they will feel suffocated, with them it is better to be prudent and speak clearly.

5. Oshún's daughters are jealous and territorial with friends, family and people they love

A discreet dose of jealousy characterizes Yalodde's daughters, they are territorial with friends, family and people they love in general.

They like to shine and be the center of attention.

The taboo that marks daughters of the mistress of the honey of bees is the neglect of her own life to go to the aid of others.

6. When a daughter of Oshún does not like something you will notice it on her face

Whoever provokes the fury of a daughter of Oshún must abide by its dire consequences.

Despite their extravagant personality, they have a great heart in which they harbor compassion and sincerity, among other feelings.

This last feeling becomes one of their characteristic personality traits because when an Oshún daughter does not like something, you will notice it on her face, because they do not know how to hide what seems wrong or out of place.

7. Oshún's daughters are beautiful inside and out

Never lie to him, because in one way or another they have the innate gift of discovering deception.

They loathe hypocritical people and those who don't keep their promises.

The daughters of Oshún are beautiful inside and out because they know despite their exquisiteness for fashion, that the beauty that really counts is the interior.

If you want to venerate the goddess Oshún, we share some offerings:

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