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Ogbe Otura: Where the meat was smoked for the 1st time with the power of Orula

Son of Shango in Ogbe Otura

This pataki recounts the life of a son of Shango, who lived on the outskirts of town with his wife.

The marriage was dedicated to the meat trade, a discipline in which they did not do very well because this trade was one of the most popular among the habitabefore the region, thus existing a lot of competition in the market.

Pataki where, thanks to the secrets of Orula, prosperity was achieved

One night among so many shortages, Shango's son began to lament about his financial situation, his wife who was listening to him from the stealthy kitchen approached him calmly telling him that:

Olofin saw their situation and would not leave them helpless at this crossroads.

When the newly married couple went to bed to sleep, the lady began to dream that her husband was traveling to another distant town to sell the meats.

Place where apparently he would be lucky in his trade, as this unexplored region was not prosperous in livestock, being the opposite in the development of crops.

When the sun rose, the woman told her husband about the dream, who thought it was a great idea, so he prepared to make all the necessary preparations to start the trip.

Then he loaded two mules with the meat, but since the distance was long between the two towns, the meat arrived spoiled and no one could buy it.

Back home, the man arrived disgusted as the investment he had made vanished before his eyes.

It is earned by seeking help in the word of Ifá

The incredulous woman explained that the dream she had had was very clear and with this new company she felt that they would improve a lot, so she proposed to her master that she visit orunmila in search of some advice that would allow him to be successful in the business he has undertaken.

The Oracle of Ifá received the butcher in his house, giving him some sticks from the mountain and a sheet with the secrets he needed to know to make the meat last without refrigeration.

The man followed Orunmila's instructions to the letter and in this way smoked the meat.

When he started the trip again, he carried all the cured meat, so he arrived in perfect condition to the other town, where he began to trade his products, making a small fortune.

The betrayal was paid with misery

With the arrival of fame and money, the butcher began to lose his sanity and indulge in vices and women, leaving aside his faithful wife, who had accompanied him.añado in the good and bad times.

When she felt mocked, she took the paper that contained the secret of how to smoke meat and gave it to the other butchers, in this way her husband's business was ruined, paying for his betrayal with the price of misery.

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