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Ika Ejiogbe: the son harms the mother Orula's word is NOT ignored!

Son in Ika Ejiogbe

In Ika Ejiogbe the story is told of a woman who yearned with all her might to be a mother.

Sometimes she found herself at home lost in dreams where she cradled a baby in her arms.

Seeing herself frustrated for a long time in this endeavor, she began to look to religion for a way out that would help her solve her desire.

On one occasion, she convinced her husband to accompany her.añabe home from orunmila, who she assured would have the solution for her wish.

Pataki where, on a whim, Olofin's plan was not fulfilled

Orunmila received the young couple in his home and upon consulting them, he realized that bringing a child to this world was not what Constitution she had planned for them, as having a baby was a huge responsibility.

A reality that was far from the woman's vision of procreating, who wanted the child to appease her boredom.

Orula, seeing the insistence of the lady, was complacent before her whim and performed the ebbó, which would successfully allow her to be a mother.

Before this the fortune teller warned the couple that:

Once the child was born, they had to quickly take him to the foot of Obatalá and Yemayá, Orishas who would be in charge of appeasing the fury that their descendant would carry inside.

When the woman gave birth she carried the mañana next to the baby at the foot of the hill so that Obatala bless him, the white saint extended his hand over the little boy, infusing him with all the peace and patience he could.

Before the proud mother left, the Orisha warned her that:

She had to raise her son being very strict, because her temperament would dent in all the existing norms of conduct on earth.

Misfortunes come when the word of the Orishas is ignored

As the days passed, the woman decided that it would not be necessary for her to go to Yemaya to introduce him to his son, since with Obatala's blessing the boy had had more than enough.

When the little one learned to walk, he began to show severe personality and character traits, not obeying his mother's scolding or the orders that her mother gave him.

The desperate woman went to the father figure so that her husband would impose respect on her, a commanding voice that the child would abide by the first time.

As time went by, the boy's behavior worsened and peace remained in the home only when the father was present.

At the slightest scolding from his mother, the young man became aggressive and attacked her physically abusing her.

one mañaIn one of those outbursts of fury, the boy ended up harming his own mother, depriving her of the right to live.

Action that, after being carried out despite the laments and tears, had no turning back. 

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