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Why were the sons of Eleguá and Oggún punished in Ogbe Otura?

Children of Eleguá and Oggún Ogbe Otura

Obatala the holy owner of all heads He owned a farm where many of his disciples worked, including the sons of Shango, Eleggua y Oggun.

In the dominions of Obatala it was necessary to work very hard to achieve little by little the blessings and knowledge that the deity offered as a reward for the efforts of its best students.

Pataki where due to waste and excess he fell from grace

The sons of Elegguá and Oggún who were somewhat rebellious planned an escape from the house of Obatalá to live without the pressure of the demand.

Fact in which they invited the descendant of Shango, who refused to be involved in the plan, as he had been warned by orula that if he applied himself to study he would go much further than he had dreamed of.

An illusion that Shango's son did not want to put at risk for anything.

After the rejection shown by the descendant of Shangó, the children of Oggún and Elegguá embarked on a new course towards a life of waste and excess.

A reality that a short time later left them in ruin and without the possibility of re-entering the Obatalá farm.

The sons of Eleguá and Oggún in Ogbe Otura lost their way

After twelve months of effort, the son of Shango managed to become an Ifá and after much sacrifice he gained the trust of the white Orisha who appointed him his secretary.

Alongside Obatalá, the secretary was learning and growing in skills, knowledge and experience.

The news of the success of the descendant of Shango reached the ears of his friends who, seeing themselves lost and ragged, suffered from the repentance that flooded them due to their irresponsibility.

They traveled to the hacienda and there begged Obatalá's forgiveness, a benefit they obtained thanks to the intervention of his assistant.

Opportunity that they missed again, because instead of focusing on work and study they dedicated themselves to tripping Shangó's son, seeking to discredit him before Obatalá, since envy towards his friend consumed them.

Obatalá punished bad behavior, envy and bad head

During the nights the two rioters stole the cows from Obatalá and ate them by burying the remains in the swamp.

The son of Shango, who kept the inventory of the farm, noticed the absence of the cows and, as he already suspected his friends, decided to follow them secretly, discovering their misdeeds.

Fact that he had to reveal to the Orisha who, after analyzing the exposed evidence, banished individuals from their land forever, applying severe punishment for their faults.

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