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What are the children of the Ibeyis like? The mischievous Jimaguas de la Osha

Children of Ibeyis

The twins or Orishas twins, Ibeyis, are children of the King Shango and Goddess Oshún raised by Yemaya, the owner of the sea. They are minor Orishas and protectors of all children.

Who are the Ibeyis in the Yoruba religion?

Orishas who live at the top of the palm, from where they watch over the paths of the earth and are the darlings of all other deities for being small and wise.

  • Its name comes from Yorúbá Ibéyí (Igbó: contains-Meyi: two).

Legend has it that they were the only ones who could defeat the malevolent Abita and thus they saved the men with the magic drums that Yemayá gave them. They also relate that they saved the wise father obbatala in Dahomey.

Every September 26, the Ibeyis o the jimaguas as their most faithful devotees call them, because they offer their protection to children, especially twins.

They are frisky, boisterous, mischievous, rascal, they also ward off evil and bring prosperity and abundance. Also, they are very powerful and can predict the future, stop or cause the rain, eliminate ailments and bring luck, happiness, money and fortune.

It is said that all twins are children of the Ibeyis, and they must show devotion to them for their entire lives, so that they protect and guide them, saving them from all evil.

The birth of the jimaguas in the Yoruba religion is cause for rejoicing because they are attributed superhuman powers.

Parents cannot under any circumstances treat one better than the other, and they must always dress them the same and baptize them on the same day. If these rules are not followed by their parents, it can be considered a great fault, a sin.

They say hi to each other:

  • Ibeyi oro alakúa oyé oyé mojojó!

Characteristics of the children of the Jimaguas Ibeyis

They say that those born as sons of the Ibeyis they are charming and pampered by nature. Their parents always classify them as the little ones in the family and put them first, giving them all the tastes.

Omo Ibeyis, naughty and playful

Also the children of the Ibeyis are seen as playful and immature people, because the fact of being so spoiled makes them despise any serious matter in life. On the contrary, they adore parties, joys, frolics and sweets, just like the Ibeyis.

They are usually people who when they are regaña, or have a problem with someone they love they become very touchy, when they want something they are stubborn and capricious.

They have a naughty and playful character, they are usually immature, they take everything as a joke, they are not usually responsible. They are smart, intelligent, capable and very skilled.

They are characterized by being very changeable in character, they show both happiness and apathy, they possess grace and great talent for their business and for commerce.

Sons of the Ibeyis, talented but changeable

But also the children of the Orishas twins are exceptionally gifted with an excellent nose for business. They are the ones who can bring prosperity to any innovative idea and can build businesses from scratch, leading to success.

However, and although they have this great talent for business, their irresponsible and often changeable character, makes them gradually lose interest in developing good ideas.

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