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The Children of the Orishas Whose son are you?

Children of the Orishas

In Yoruba religion, the orishas are divinities that represent the different aspects of creation and have an important role in the lives of their devotees.

In the tradition of Santeria, which is a form of religion syncretized between the Catholic and Yoruba religions, practiced mainly in Cuba and other parts of Latin America, the orishas are revered as symbols of the natural elements and cosmic forces.

Each one of these orishas, ​​have different powers and some are head, this means that when a person becomes a saint, that is, consecrates and surrenders to the faith of the Yoruba religion, the deity defends him and takes his head to protect him in life, turning the religious into his son, in this way he receives his protection and guidance.

Some examples of the header orishas in Santeria include the following:

  • Eleggua: Orisha warrior who is in charge of protecting the home and opening roads.
  • Yemaya: The great mother orisha, the goddess of the sea and fertility.
  • Monkey: This powerful and brave orisha is the god of thunder and war.

Let's get to know more about the Children of the Orishas:

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